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"Galvanized" Yankees of Searcy County

I was hoping someone can give me some help here. My family is traced back to Searcy County and the Martin family. Peter Martin (my 3rd great grandfather) and his son, William Matthew "Math" Martin (my 2nd great grandfather) both joined the 3rd Arkansas Cavalry, known as the "Mountain Feds". They joined in 1864. Other family members, James Jefferson Martin, also joined. I thought this was a bit odd, joining the war so late. I started reading about the "Galvanized" Yankees and thought maybe the Martins were Confederate before 1864. Strangely, I found the same names popping up in the 27th Regiment of Arkansas Infantry (CSA) in various companies. Can anyone help me confirm they are the same men?
"Math" Martin is really odd. There is a William Martin who enlisted with the 27th in Izard County "at Mount Olive, Arkansas, June 19, 1862; age 15; discharged for being under-age, July 21, 1862". I think it is the same Martin since that is the age of Math at that time. When Math joins the Mountain Feds, he claims he is 18 but he was younger.
Anyone with better access to records who might give me a hand in figuring out if there is a connection between the 27th and the 3rd for these men?

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"Galvanized" Yankees of Searcy County
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