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More references on Major Wolf's near execution.

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By:Bob Schmidt
Date: 10/31/2006, 2:55 pm

In Response To: Pure Luck (Porter Elliott)

Other sources for data on Maj. Wolf that you may find interesting are these: Death Notice in Confederate Veteran
May 1911 pg. 240; Compiled Service Record for Mexican War;
Mexican War Pension record contains much genealogy; his Compiled Service Record in Ford's Batt'n. Mo. Cav. contains many letters re: his imprisonment; substantial entries are in the Official Records that can be viewed online-see also Series I Vol 41 Part IV pg. 310 re: other candidates suggested for execution before they decided on Maj. Wolf;
a sketch on his life is in the St. Louis Daily Union 11/9/1864; see "Lincoln and Retaliation" by Oliver R. Barrett in the Lincoln Herald Dec. 1947 pg. 2-7; See Maj. James Wilson's CSR with the 3rd MSM Cav; look in Vol 8 of Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln for his intervention; also "Maj. Wolf and Abraham Lincoln: An Episode of the Civil War" in Arkansaw Historical Quarterly Vol 2 # 4 Dec 1943; Hisory of Fulton Co., Arkansaw 1953-69 by Vester Williams has reprinted article of the Salem (Ark) Headlight
newspapers Jan-Feb. 1968 on the discovery of Maj. Wolf's memoirs.

A careful study of these and other sources will reveal some minor errors. For part of the story on Kate Beattie, who claimed to be Maj. Wolf's wife, see General Orders No. 14 1/18/1865 Dept of the Missouri. She was sent south to rebel lines.

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