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This regiment has always been Bryan's baby, and much of what I have on it came from him. But I also had a particular interest since there was so little extant information. Probably because it presented such a research challenge and all that.

Post war: Peel says The Regt that I commanded as Col was raised in the latter part of the summer of 1862.
I was the Colonel
I think that a gentleman by the name of Hill was Lt. Col. Not certain about that.
Mr. James H. Williams of Carroll Co. was Major
The Regt when commanded by me was composed of ten companies. The Captains were well known to me then. Will give all I can remember.
Capt. Hugh Berry,
Capt. H. M. Moore, Co F
Capt. Larkin Bunch,
Capt. Parks,
Capt. Combs,
Capt. H. C. Dickey,
Capt. Williamson
Capt. Smith Co C
J. W. Bishop
Dawson Co K

I am not positive of the source for Peel’s post war remarks. They may be from:

United daughters of the confederacy. Arkansas division. Hiram L. Grinstead chapter, no. 573, Camden.
Garden of memory: stories of the civil war as told by veterans and daughters of the confederacy; comp. by Mrs. M. A. Elliott, historian.

From my abbreviated personal notes taken from The Alexander Papers

[10/4/62] Brook’s hdqrs. near Clarksville- resignation of Capt Moore commanding Company of Fitzwilliams’ Regt
Resignation of Capt. Parks of Company I, Fitzwilliams’ regiment …
Continues on with 3 more Captains and then another on next frame that references Capt Smith Company

10/19 S O #18-Hdqrs. District of Ark Fayetteville, Camp Reagan
Col C W Adams is asgd. to the command of the 3rd Ark Regt of Brooks’ Bgde subject to confirmation of War Dept.
Death sentence for 3 privates of Capt. Hall Moore’s Co of the 3rd Ark Regt charged with mutiny and desertion

10/23 Hindman Hqs to Col C W Adams cdg 3rd Regt Ark Infy thru Col Brooks-the order assigning Capt. Chew as Lt Col of your Regt is countermanded. You will assign Fitzwilliams to duty as Lt Col and retain Major Williams in his present capacity as the permanent organization of your Regt done in deference to the wishes of men and officers of the Regt in their memorial to the Gen cdg

10/31 Camp Hindman-Adams' Regt near Clarksville-petition for the order organizing this Regt to be changed so as to retain S W Peel as Lt Col
11/9 Camp on Mulberry, S O #36
I. Capt Robert’s commanding Btry will when Gen Parsons turns over to him, the extra howitzer of
V. The following named officers, having tenders their resignations, the same are accepted subject to approval by War Dept; and the officers discharged from the service: viz.
P. H. Gatewood, 1st Lt., Robert’s Btry.
W. S. Smith, Capt Co. “C“, 3rd Ark Regt Infy
H. M. Moore, Capt Co. “F”, 3rd Ark Regt Infy
Jno D. Parks, Capt Co. “I”, 3rd Ark Regt Infy
VI. Capt. R. E. Chew is hereby assigned to duty as Major in command of the Bn lately commanded by Col. S. T. Hawthorne, which will be known as Chew’s Bn

11/24 Hindman to Holmes-In response to yours of 19th regarding Lt Col Peel-was assigned by Col Carroll to duty as Lt Col though not at the time an officer of the Regt
It devolved on me to organize that command by law and Carroll's assignment was not lawful and amounted to nothing.
I accordingly assigned to duty Adams as Col and Fitzwilliams as Lt Col and …as Major subject to confirmation by War Dept.
They were above the average as field officers and far superior to Lt Col Peel
The assignment to duty in these and like cases have not been forwarded due to the increased labors of me and my staff and I suppose it best to send up all my assignments in a single letter
I beg to say further that I have tried to abide by law and regulations in these and in other matters, but have never had copy of official C.S.A. regulations

1/30/63 Hindman to Holmes-regarding Adams’ Regt- men to be assigned to Shaler’s Ark Regt per spec order 28 of Jan. 29-
Hindman also says Col C W Adams is now indispensable on my staff and wishes to keep him...................
He is the best I have seen in the war as AAG
Officers of Adams Regt to be mustered out-most of them are at Clinton trying to gather and recruit their Regt-any thereby gathered to be turned over to Shaver since that is in his recruiting district.

Hindman directed Capt. Bishop to return to Carroll County and mount his company.

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