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As per my usual, the following has been excerpted in abbreviated format from my personal notes.

The Alexander Papers
Official Records
History of the Twenty-Seventh Arkansas Confederate Infantry-Silas Claiborn Turnbo
Embattled Arkansas: The Prairie Grove Campaign of 1862 by Michael E. Banasik

Dates are for 1862 unless otherwise noted

The 27th Ark Infantry was organized at Yellville in July, composed of a handful of Company’s of mounted volunteers, which were dismounted and reinforced with several Company’s of conscripts. James R. Shaler, a Missouri man who had previously served in the Missouri State Guard, was appointed Col of the new Regiment. Col Shaler soon proved to be unpopular with the men. Like all true Missouri Confederates, Shaler was obsessed with liberating his State from the Yankees. However, the 27th Ark was organized for the defense of northern Ark, and Shaler’s efforts to turn the Regiment into a Missouri outfit resulted in dissension in the ranks. One soldier wrote to this wife that Col Shaler had replaced the Regiment’s Confederate battle-flag with a Missouri flag. He said that he and his comrades were outraged, and thought that most of the Regiment would refuse to fight under the Missouri banner. Although the 27th Ark was assigned to Shaver’s Ark Brigade, Col Shaler repeatedly tried to get the Regiment transferred to a Missouri Brigade.

Col Shaler, a Missourian, formed a partisan Cavalry Battalion in June, which was largely recruited from Missouri and NE Ark. By late summer his unit was reorganized into the 27th Ark.

Shown as 1st Regiment McBride’s Brigade on one or more company rolls

Company organization dates range from 2/10 for 1 Company and 3 Company’s 2/15, 1 Company 3/17, 3 Company’s 6/13, 1 Company 6/28 [Camp Bragg] and 1 Company 7/6 [Camp Bragg]

2/15/62 future Company C organized

6/6 Gen McBride from Hindman
-you are authorized to raise one or more Regiments of infantry or mounted men for the C.S.A. for the war but such mounted men will be dismtd whenever deemed expedient and will be paid as Infantry
-the 6 months men heretofore raised by you for Missouri State Guard will be transferred to the C.S.A. for the balance of their term.
-the troops to be raised by you under the herein authority will not be required to cross the Mississippi river except into enemy country
-you are to retain your rank of BGen until War Dept otherwise orders
-you are authorized Brigade staff officers

6/13 Special Orders Army of the South West-Col James R Shaler is authorized to raise in Missouri a Regiment of mounted infantry for C.S.A. to receive infantry pay and forage for horse

6/14 many enrollees [ahead of conscription date]

6/16 Capt Flippin to QM of McBride’s Brigade

June 62-concentrating for recruiting remaining young men Marion county, Yellville etc Wood’s Company "A" went down river to camp in Izard County raised as a Cavalry command and other Cavalry Company’s were here added to our Regiment of mtd men

6/27 Turnbull returned to camp at Calico Rock
- Soon learned our Regiment of 10 Company’s 125 men each under Major Clifford [20 years old-we liked him] the number of Regiment was 27th
Another small body or Battalion of mtd men with us [later refers to them as Schnabel’s Battalion] incl Crabtree’s Company-McBride in command of all in camp 1500 all arms
6/30 skirmish under McBride [our Regiment under Clifford] - trying to intercept Curtis supply train heading for Batesville
7/2 Shaler apptd Col by Hindman
The 27th Ark organized at Yellville in July. Hindman appointed Shaler to command of the new Regiment.

7/2 [?] copy of order from Gen McBride organizing Shaler Regiment

The first 8 Company’s of the Regiment were organized long before Shaler took command and most were mounted only to be dismounted 7/29

7/3 [or 7/2] Shaler apptd Col P.A.C.S., cdg 27th Ark Infy Regt by Hindman

7/6 Capt Riggs date of commission

7/10 Col Shaler arrives and replaces Clifford- he was selected by higher command to have our Regiment -we did not like him-older man named Cloud came with him as Lt Col--Clifford left the camp

7/14 Camp Livingston, HQs 1st Regiment, McBride’s Brigade-Col Shaler to McBride recommends his staff appointments including Arthur Magenis as adjutant
[Fold2-shown as Arthur J Magenis, Lt Col 27th Ark-date of commission 10/1/62]

7/14/62 Col Shaler’s 1st Regt McBride’s Bgde asks for Dr. Small to be apptd to his Regt

7/14 apptd surgeon 27th Ark

10/23 shown on roster as apptd Bgde surgeon

2/28/63 on roster as surgeon Shaler’s 5th Bgde Hindman Division

7/25 Hindman to McBride cmdg. North Ark-directs that you dismount all your command except the extra Battalion as suggested and send their horses home

7/26 mtd Company recruited mainly in Izard County; mustered service at Lunenburg, f or the war; dismtd at Camp Bragg, near Batesville & assigned to the 27th Ark as (new) Company. C

7/28 to Camp Bragg near Batesville called___-our Company’s still about 125 men each-even though many had deserted or died but replaced by conscripts

7/28 The first night after the arrival of our Regiment on Polk Bayou 3 miles above Batesville, which was on the 7/28, I with 93 other Privates was used for a chain guard around our camp with instructions to halt everyone that approached in 15 paces of us and allow no one to pass into camp or out of it without the countersign. We were ordered to pace our beats constantly. Our camp was on the east bank of the Bayou just below Brickey’s Mill and near the mouth of Miller’s Creek. The place of this encampment was known as Camp Bragg.
Camped here was our Regiment-Schnabel Battalion-and Col Coleman’s command as a Brigade under McBride
McBride Brigade
27th Ark
Schnaebel’s Battalion
Coleman’s command

7/29 Company E dismtd –Capt & 1st Lt Then resigned 7/30- Company C dismtd-
7/29 got orders dismtg our Regiment-other 2 commands to be kept as cavalry-not enough forage was reason

7/29 Six Companies dismtd

Company A muster roll of Capt Wood’s co in 1st Regiment [McBride Brigade]-dismtd 7/24 also says 7/29
Company B MR of Capt. Evans co in 1st Regiment [McBride Brigade]-this co dismtd 7/29 as were C-D-E
Company E Capt. Maxey co 1st Regiment McBride Brigade

7/30 order put into effect by having Coleman’s men enforce order-now began inf drill--Shaler very poor officer and damaging Regiment

7/29 Company E dismtd –Capt & 1st Lt then resigned 7/30
7/29 Company C dismtd-
7/31 Company C transferred to Gaither’s Company D [8/1 [Old) Company C was a Searcy County Company which was consolidated with Company D]

7/31 Evans’ Company B-the members were transferred to Hollowell’s Company E

8/26 Union Report-I have information from McBride at Batesville, who is concentrating all the bands in the southeast at that point. His force is 3,000, with six pieces of artillery. His men are dismounted as they arrive at White River. District south of Forsyth is clear for 50 miles. There are 400 infantry and 200 mounted near Carrollton. There are two points of concentration, Batesville and NW Ark.

9/1 Camp Bragg, HQs 1st Regiment, McBride’s Brigade- Shaler signs as Col 1st Regiment to Col Newton-reporting the complete organization of my Regiment, and in view of the short time we have had in camp, to pronounce for it a degree of proficiency in drill and discipline by any other west of the Ms.
We are, however, badly off for all kinds of clothing equipment. By notice from friends east of the Ms, I would like to send my QM there to draw on clothing

9/10 McBride gets orders to go to Pocahontas 65 miles from Batesville and leaves next day

27th Ark

Schnable Battalion

38th Ark added 9/13 at Smithville

12th Missouri added around 9/17-9/20 or so

9/10 Brigade made up of 38th Ark, Shaler's 27th Ark, and Col J. D. White's 9th Missouri, began its march from Pocahontas to Yellville. Following the Old Military Road, they passed through the villages of Jackson, Evening Shade, Smithville, and Rapp's Barren, crossing the White River at Talbot's Ferry, and arriving at Yellville 10/22

9/11 Brigade leaves Batesville

9/13 reached Smithville and here joined by another Regiment under Shaver [38th] of 1000 effective men from local areas-

9/14 reach Spring River -McBride still in command but he and Shaver argue over camp site orders

9/15 Five miles from Spring River to 11 Points Creek, Shaler's & Shaver's Regiments marched, arrived at McCarver’s winter quarters-here found Col White’s Missouri Regiment. [see 10/22 for official org date] they greeted us with a salute.. Within 1-2 days, White’s Regiment added to Brigade. Shaler’s & Shaver’s Regiments reached Pocahontas with approx 1500, and camped approx 5 mi beyond on road to Pittman’s Ferry. Camp named Camp Shaver.

9/27 Lt Col Cloud dies

9/28 approx date
McBride’s Brigade at Pocahontas
Shaler Ark Infantry 7 [the numbers in margin in different shade-assumed to be no. of Co’s]
Adams Ark Infantry 8
Steen Missouri Infantry
White Missouri Cavalry 2
Schnable Ark Cavalry 8
Brown Btry

10/1 Arthur Magenis apptd Lt Col

10/9 Harman’s Company B appears to have been organized this date by the consol of Bryant & Pollock’s Company’s

10/10 Got orders to go to Yellville & left Pocahontas 10/11.
Shaver vs. McBride
27 Ark
22 [38] Ark
White Missouri Regiment
…were organized into a Brigade under Shaver as McBride had left army

10/15 arrive Evening Shade

10/15 skirmish near Yellville-Yanks captured about 25 stand of arms and the same number of prisoners, including Maj. J. W. Methvin, of the 1st Regiment McBride’s Brigade

10/22 into camp near Yellville-town full of Missouri cavalry soldiers-don't remember their commander’s name but they had good cloths and were well equipped
Camp was made across Crooked Creek south of Yellville. This was known as Adam's Camp where we rested a week and procured supplies. Many of the men in Shaler's 27th Ark had homes near Yellville and their families visited them, bringing food and clothing. There was talk that the Brigade would winter here in Yellville, but
On 10/29 orders were received that they were to march to Ozark, Missouri - about 160 miles north

10/23 begins drilling

10/25Yellville Parsons to Hindman-regarding the condition of the troops of Shaver and Steen that were assigned to my command–
out of 8 Regiment’s ordered here only 4 have reported to wit; Shaler’s Shaver’s, Steen’s and White’s....there are about 1000 men in the 4 Regiments that can’t be put in action for want of arms... the arms they do have are very poor.... entire Company’s are lying in the snow with no tents to cover them without blankets and tatters for clothing and many barefooted and no cooking utensils
B.)I am no grumbler but there must have been a big mistake made as to not provide these men with the mere basics
C.)I shall not wait to learn what can be had in Little Rock but send a train tonight to get what I can-can you help supply these men?

10/29 orders to join Hindman Division 160 miles away on Ark River
10/30 arrive Bellefonte met some of Cabell’s Cavalry [writer mistaken-Cabell not yet in TM]-our Brigade still under Shaver-now leaving N Central Ark causing desertions---plus don’t like Shaler

11/7after pitching camp attchd to main army of Hindman-total Infantry force on our arrival of 11 Regiments of 900 each plus our 3 Regiments avg 950-wel drilled no motley crowd Ark and mo men known as Hindman Division
11/9 our Regiment inspected by Gen Parsons-the Missouri men are quite proud of him

11/9 S O #38* Hqs Dist of Ark-camp on Mulberry-announcing organization of 1st Corps Trans Miss Army

3rd Div-Parsons

1st Bgde-Col Stein cdg
1 Steins Regt Missouri Infy
2 Hunter “
3 Caldwell “
4 White “
Tilden Missouri Btry

2nd Bgde-Col Shaver
Shaver Regt Ark Infy
Shaler “
Grinstead “
Adams “
Roberts Missouri Btry

*Called S O #39 in Embattled Ark: The Prairie Grove Campaign of 1862

11/7-11/12 here in this camp reorganized

White’s Missouri Regiment Brigaded with Parsons Missouri troops
Grinstead 33rd Ark Brigaded with 27th Ark and 22nd Ark-all 3 excellent Regiments under Shaver

11/11/62 Adjutant’s office 3rd Division, Camp Mulberry, Standish to Newton-together with a full Regimental morning report of this division, I submit the following statement of the condition of each Regiment

Col Shaler reports that his command is [no] condition whatever to move against the enemy his arms are composed of shot guns rifles and about 20 muskets 312 effective men and 150 effective guns

Arms ammo and transportation is the only serious obstacle to an immediate and effective movement-I may state that the entire command of Gen Parsons except 3 Company’s is suffering for want of tents

11/12 entire Division marched to Camp Mazzard

11/28 Shaler apptd Ft Smith provost-his Regiment poorly armed & only 5 Companies able to fight-replaced by J B Clark’s Missouri Regiment

12/7 our Regiment not in Prairie Grove fight due to poor arms

12/17/62 back to Camp Mazzard where our Regiment and another Regiment under Col Adams were consol together-this Regiment well-armed with Enfields and we drew ours today
Col Sam Peel had command of this Regiment at Elm Springs for short time when replaced by Fitty Williams who shortly gave over to Adams-those of Adams who stayed with us to end were noble fellows

12/24/62 Hqs [James R.] Shaler's Regiment Ark Infantry 2d Brigade 3 Division, To Col R. C. Newton, Chief of Staff Colonel, In compliance with instructions I took charge of the Federal prisoners at Fort Smith to be delivered over to the Cdg officer at Cane Hill [Arkansas] on Wednesday the 17 inst. The first day I was not able to get further "than Soy Town" owing to the difficulty in crossing the river. By making a long march the next day has enabled to reach Cane Hill at the required time. On reaching the Federal lines I sent word forward to Col [William] Weer stating the object of my mission with a request that my communications might be presented to Genl [James G.] Blunt, requesting an interview which was granted.-At the meeting it was found impossible to proceed with the exchange as all the signed papers were in the hands of Col [William W.] Orme of the 94th Illinois who had gone to our lines as was represented to affect the same purpose. A dispatch was instantly forwarded to that officer ordering his return, but he failed to do so until the afternoon of the 20 inst.
As soon as the papers were procured the exchange was made agreeable to the "Cartel" agreed upon by the Confederate and United States governments, a copy of which together with the number, rank, & for whom the enclosed papers will explain being put up in separate packages and marked. Genl [James G.] Blunt’s Attention was directed it was the desire of Major Genl Hindman that the families of Southern men should be passed out of the lines to go South, which was assented to in connection with the subject - I received a Communication at Cane Hill directing me to inquire into the no of families desirous of leaving, with the requisite transportation. I regret to say the order came too late for me to report when it, being already at their outposts. - Genl. Blunt was informed that 8 hostages had been retained for one Capt Blackburn, Sgt Head, Private Crawford (Manikin Company) and privates Sherrod and Chandless (Henry Company) of Independent Companies, on account of not receiving the treatment of "Prisoners of War." The above officer denied he had any such prisoners in his lines and on questioning our own prisoners they confirm it.
While there I called upon Dr Welch the Surgeon in Charge to learn the Condition of our sick and wounded in hospital, for which I refer you to his official report - herewith enclosed. I would most respectfully call your attention to one fact which is that the return prisoners reported to me after we had "passed the enemies lines" that a private by name of Miller or Hutchinson of [Joseph O.] Shelby’s command was in chains was true. The truth of this I cannot vouch, but report it upon their statement. - The returned prisoners with escort moved Sunday forenoon in charge of Sgt Harrison (Lt Roberts being very sick) with instructions to Keep prisoners closed and report on reaching Van Buren, owing to the delay in showing up papers and duplicates was unable to leave until late the same day, overtook, & found the prisoners doing well & proceeded on that night; being anxious to report, in person explaining of my vexatious delay. I am Col. Very Respy Yr Obdt Serv - AJ Migenis [A.J. Maginnis] Lt Col Cdg Flag of Truce

AFTER 1862

Hqs 1st Corps T. M. Army

Little Rock, Jan 16, 1863


The information called for by note of this date is furnished as follows…

…Since that date Gen Steele’s command has ceased to be of the 1st Corps, by order from Dept Hqs, 2nd Div, Gen Fagan, Cdg

1st Bgde, Col West now Brook’s

Brook’s Regt, Ark Infy, Lt. Col D. M. Gunter, Cdg

Bell’s Regt Ark Infy, Col S. S. Bell, Cdg

King’s Ark Infy, Col J. P. King, Cdg

Hawthorne’s Ark Infy, Co. A. S. Hawthorne, Cdg

2nd Bgde, Brig Gen D. McRae, Cdg

Glenn’s Regt Ark’s Infy, Col J. E. Glenn, Cdg

Morgan’s Regt Ark’s Infy, Col A. T. Morgan, Cdg

McNeil’s Regt Ark’s Infy, Col A. J. McNeil, Cdg

Gause’s Regt Ark’s Infy, Col S. C. Gause, Cdg

Marshal’s., Btry, Capt J. G. Marshal, Cdg

Venable’s Co Cav, Capt S. R. Venable, Cdg

3rd Bgde, Col R. G. Shaver, Cdg

Shaver’s Regt Ark’s Infy, Maj. M. D. Baker, Cdg

Grinstead’s Regt Ark’s Infy, Col H. S. Grinstead, Cdg

Shaler’s Regt Ark’s Infy, Col J. R. Shaler, Cdg

Morgan’s Regt belongs to McRae’s Bgde & was on the march from Fort Smith sent to Dardanelle to protect the public property at the latter place. He has since been ordered to this place, & is now on the way down on the south side of the river, having been relieved at Dardanelle by the non-effectives of Carroll’s Bgde, & Marmaduke’s Div…


T. C. Hindman

Col S. S. Anderson Maj. Gen Cdg

A. A. G

Trans. Miss Dept

11/28/63 A Magenis relieved as Lt Col 27th Ark

2/15/64 Maj & IG from Missouri
2/20/64 Assigned to duty by A&IGO in Richmond

[Found in James R Shaler compiled service record]
1/4/64 A J Magenis to Sec of War Seddon-Desiring an appointment in the P.A., I submit my claims for consideration. I am a citizen of St Louis and in latter part of 1861, I rec’d an appointment on the staff of the late Gen Bowen. I was captured with my command at Camp Jackson in May 1861
Being exchanged in the latter part of Nov, I accepted a position on the staff of Gen Frost, serving as such until 6/1/62. Upon the withdrawal of Gen Frost from Gen Bragg’s staff, I accompanied Col Shaler to the TM Dept-he having rec’d authority from Van Dorn to raise a Regiment.
This Regiment was organized 7/2/62 & I was assigned as Major by Gen Hindman & promoted to Lt Col 10/1 vice Cloud deceased.
I held the position until 11/27/63, I declined to stand for re-election—I had enforced military discipline with rigid exactness-the Missouri Company’s originally belonging to the Regiment had been detached and the Regiment was now all Ark troops.
Tappan endorses him as no better officer in the army and also Shaler referring to Shaler’s unit as a “model regiment” and equal to any in the service in point of drill, discipline and efficiency. Gen Price agrees
Shaler not reelected either

10/12/64 Lt Col Riggs tenders resignation since Regiment has been consol w/Shaver’s Regiment & both together only number 262 present—Tappan’s Brigade

1/26/65 Camp Lee-to Col Shaver, Camden-Per S O #25 District of Ark, par 12 & 13 you are to assume command of Davies’ Regiment as well as your own and move to Minden, La, there reporting to these Hqs.

2/21 Camp Magruder, Division Hqs to Col Shaver, Camden-Dist Hqs orders directs Gen Parsons to order your and Davies’ Regiments to rejoin their respective Brigades. You will take command of both as in the instructions of 1/26 and march to this camp.

3/2 Camp Magruder, Division Hqs to Col Shaver-Rec’d yours of 2/16 from Camden. You are to remain there until your transportation returns from its present expedition and then report here

3/19/65 Hqs Churchill’s Division, Shreveport-Gen McNair cdg Division to Col Davies at Minden-take command of yours, Gaither’s [27th] and Shaver’s Regiment [38th] and march here or wherever the Division may be. On arrival, the Regiments will return to their Brigades

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