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Clark’s Regt-CSR’
Formed about Nov [62] with Co’s A-B-C-H being formed from various Mo organizations & D-E-C-I formed from consolidation of Clarkson’s Bn. No record found for F & K

5/4/62 Corinth-signs for camp equipment, appd Col Clark & Gen Green cdg

5/13 [23] QM Elgin signs for shoes & blankets at Camp Churchill Clark-appd Col Clark, & signed [W] Green cdg

6/24 appointment

11/29 Ft Smith-signs for 12 axe parts

12/19 service begins for Sgt Major Cunningham

Capt Hughes-Co A
11/9 beginning of his pay period


12/1 Ft Smith-rec’d axe parts for 2 axes-appd Col Clark cdg post


5/15 enlisted from MSG by Col Clark at Memphis

Not found


D W Craig-H
11/9 pay period begins for Capt Craig


Not found-K


Reference sources for more information----

Letters Written by Confederate Officers & Enlisted Men, compiled 1874 - 1899, documenting the period 1861 - 1865
ARC Identifier 2843679 / MLR Number UD-28
Series from Record Group 109:
This series is comprised of a variety of personal & official letters written by CS officers & enlisted men. A few of the letters are unsigned. This series includes a small collection of letters written by John C. Watkins, 9th Missouri Infy, CS Army, to his wife in 1864.
File 14 - C.S.A.: Missouri - 9th Infy (Co F): miscellaneous records (special orders, receipts for transferred ordnance stores, medical examiner reports, rosters, muster rolls), 1862-1865. 14 items

9th Mo Clark
CSR’s & Alexander Papers

11/3/62 provost at Ft Smith to collect scattered Co’s of Buster’s Bn

[11/9] appears to have been formed of 4 Co’s A-B-C-H from men of various organizations which originated in Mo & arrived by squads in Ark where they formed into Clark’s Regt

11/9 S O #36- Dist of Ark-Gen Roan will organize at once a Co of Arty from details of Buster's Bn to be of 100 men

11/9- [8] Co’s Clarkson/Buster Cav Bn consolidated to 4 Co’s-dismtd & assgd to Clark’s Mo Regt as D-E-G-I This Bn had been dismtd prior to 10/22 skirmish as Infy in Ind. Terr.
No record found for F & K

Clark’s Mo Infy Regt- organized 11/9 of men arriving in Ark in squads from Co’s organized in Missouri.
Co A-org 11/9 from men of various Missouri organizations
Co B- some evidently from Porter's 1st NE Cav and various Missouri organizations
Co C-org 11/9 -this Co [Corlew] first organized for Poindexter Regt but afterwards mustered into Clark 9 Mo Infy

Co D- Clarkson's Bn Co A-Capt Ross
Co E-
Co F-no officers on microfilm
Co G-
Co H-
Co I-

11/10 #38 Dist of Ark-Craig, Bowles, Hughes and Bonds’ Co’s of Mo infantry will report to Gen Parsons and Col Clark will assume command of them and march them to Fort Smith tomorrow and report to Gen Roan who will also place Clark in command of Buster’s Bn
Clark will organize the 4 Co’s named and Buster's Bn into an infantry Regt consolidating any of Busters Co’s if necessary.
Clark is asgd. as Col of this Regt and will recommend thru Roan other field and staff officers.
As soon as Portlock's Ark regiment shall have reported to Gen Roan, Clark's Mo Regt will be transferred to the command of Gen Parsons.
Many of the recruits of Craig, Bowles, Hughes and Bonds’ Co’s had belonged to cavalry units formed by John A. Poindexter, Joseph C. Porter, and Henry Snider north of the Missouri River

*Technically the unit constituted only a Bn. Evidence suggests the existence of two other Co’s near the time of organization, but they cannot definitely be established as part of the regiment.

11/16 officially organized

*For further information regarding the 9th Mo Regt as being actually only an 8 Company Bn see:
Confederate Letters
Capt John Hanna

With Porter in N. Mo by Mudd

Many of his men wound up in Clark’s Infy Regt-& this book includes several references to Co cdrs & also muster rolls for Clark’s Regt.
Regarding Clark’s Infy Regt–officers elected & NCO’s apptd 11/9/62

8/30/63 muster roll of Co H showed discipline, instruction, military appearance arms, etc as good though clothing inferior. Off & men total 61

After Pleasant Hill-51 O & M present

Posted By: Jim McGhee Date: Monday, 29 July 2002, at 6:17 p.m. In Response To: J. B. Clark's Infy Regt (Lars Gjertveit)

Col John B. Clark's MO Infy Regt was organized in Nov 1862. Co’s A-C & H were formed from various MO Co organizations, while Co’s D-E, G & I were formed by the consolidation of the 8 Co’s of Clarkson's Cav Bn. No record exists for Co’s F or K.

By S. O. #171, Hqs Dist of Ark, Sept 30, 1863, Co’s A-C & H were consolidated with the 8th MO Infy Bn (Musser's) to form the 9th MO Infy Regt, also commanded initially by Col Clark.

Co’s D-E, G & I, which were made up of Arkansans, became the 15th Ark Cav Bn (Buster's

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