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Colonel Armstrong's Cavalry

In the Alexander Papers I have found four references to "Colonel Armstrong's Cavalry" in the movements leading to Prairie Grove:

--------------------------- [image 59 / page 87]
HQ District of Arkansas, Camp near Huntsville, October 20th 1862.
Special Orders No 19.
II Brig Genl J [John] S. Marmaduke is assigned to the command of the infantry and artillery now at this camp, and [Frank C.] Armstrong's regiment of Cavalry.
--------------------------- [image 218 / page 227]
HQ near Huntsville, October 20th 1862.
[To Brig Gen. J. S. Marmaduke]
General: I enclose you a copy of the order assigning you to the command of the troops now at this camp. You will detach one section of Robert's battery, and order it to report to Brig. Gen. Rains for duty with Col. Bradfute's brigade. You will at once move the balance of your command on the Huntsville & Ozark road to or near the point, where that road is intersected by the Fayetteville and Ozark road and there take position. Col Armstrong's Cavalry will form your rear guard and you will instruct him to bring up all straggles and camp followers using the necessary force.
[Col. R. C. Newton A.A.G.]
--------------------------- [image 2 / page 2]
HQ Cavalry Division, Huntsville, October 24 1862
[To Col. R. C. Newton A.A.G.]
Col. Shelby is ordered to withdraw all his Scouts & pickets ofth [?] Huntsville & Ozark road to the roads east of that [MS illegible] today. Armstrong's Cavalry can watch that line.
[Brig. Gen. J.S. Marmaduke]
[note: this word does not seems "Armstrong" to me. It seems to me it contains a "h"]
--------------------------- [image 101 / page 135]
HQ 1st Corps T.M. Army, Camp near Fort Smith, November 30th 1862
Special Orders No 57.
I Private George S Adams Capt Ryes Company Col [Frank C.] Armstrong's Cavalry Regiment is hereby detailed on special duty with the 1st Brigade 3d Division and will report to Brig. Gen. J. F. Fagan Comdg, at once near Van Buren Arks.

Now, the partecipation of Frank Crawford Armstrong to the Prairie Grove Campaign seems to have been a closely kept secret for the past 158 years! The OR has him at Holly Springs (MS) on October 16 [ar25_728], having commanded the cavalry brigade in Price's Army of the West at the battle of Corinth. Short of a teleportation device, I believe he is not our man.

Sifakis' Compendium has only a single Armstrong among the field officers of the states West of the river: Major D. F. Armstrong, Williamson's Ark Battalion, Army of the West (in existence from March to May 25, 1862). I believe he is not our man neither.

Neither Shea (Field of Blood) nor Banasik (Embattled Arkansas) contains any reference to a Colonel Armstrong.

The OR does not name any Armstrong in 1862 CSA Trans-Mississippi.

The four references above seems (to me) to indicate Carroll's Ark Cav Rgt, because it was at the Huntsville camp with the armed infantry and the artillery on October ~18, as per Hindman's Report [ar19_47]. No idea if it contained a Rye's / Ryes' company.

Do you have any idea how the name "Armstrong" came about?