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"M" Rifle

I have a rifled musket that looks like an 1853 Enfield but the workmanship is more rough than any British made gun I've ever seen. The stock is walnut and apparently was green at the time it was formed. There are some crude "X"s carved and stamped into the barrel bands and wood; one X at top, two in the center, and three at bottom band. The nose cap is rough brass as is the butt plate. The barrel has British 25 25 marks. The lock has a date of 1863 in front of the hammer and a shield behind it with the letter "M" stamped in the center part of the shield. Strange, there is also what appears to be a scripted CS stamped on the shield right above the M marking. I've been told the scripted CS was put there to make one think it was Confederate. Could be, but that stamp looks as old as the rest of the gun to me. ANy ideas on the origin and value of this arm?

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