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Re: Enfield 2 band with cross revolver?


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I think you mean this is a 2-band Enfield with a pistol grip, right?

This is a most unusual feature, but it could be found on some rifles made on special order to a more wealthy client who wanted a fancy gun for Volunteer matches. Most of this type of rifle were quite a bit different from the normal military-style Enfield. They could have stock checkering, lots of decorative engraving on the metal, a false breech, etc. In order to be used in Volunteer matches, they need only have the regulation Government bore and rifling, regulation trigger pull, and regulation sights. Beyond that, a man could have his gun as fancy as he wanted it.

I have seen some rifles like this made by William Greener and Thomas Turner - these guns usually had the maker's name displayed prominently on the lockplate and/or barrel.

The value of such a gun is very hard to say from here - a lot depends on EXACTLY what it is, the condition, and where it is being sold (the market).

I hope this helps,

Geoff Walden

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