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After ensuring that it is empty, clean the nipple and the barrel. The nipple should be clean of oil when you go to the range.

Use FF (2f) powder for .50 or larger. You may also use FFF (3f), but be aware that the pressure will be higher so you don't want to use too much (consult the Lyman MuzzleLoading Handbook).

Use a power measure to pour from your horn or flask. The powder measure may be an adjustable one while you are trying to figure out what works best for your gun. Start with about 40 grains. Pour the powder from the measure into the barrel. Never pour directly from the flask or horn into the barrel because if there's a smoldering ember in the barrel, you'll have the hand grenade effect.

Next, put your ball & plastic wad (if that's the route you want to go) down the barrel. Ram home with ram rod. Cap and shoot.

I prefer patches with round balls. The patch thickness depends on the size of the ball and for maximum accuracy, you have to figure out what combination of patch, ball and powder charge. This requires a lot of record keeping and patience.

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