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Re: Gettysburg-worn jacket sells for $57K


Here's a formal "welcome" to our message board. I could tell by the quality of your earlier postings that you must be someone of note in the military arms and collecting community. I hope you'll visit us, as a regular stop on your tours around the internet.

I also want to thank you for understanding how to use these message boards correctly, to contribute to our discussions and, as a privilege of participation, to promote your own website and business interests. Though we are not setup and my policy is not to accommodate direct "for sale" or commercial postings in the message listings, I am more than happy for you and others who contribute to our discussions to include links to articles or to add a link and/or a graphic to your postings, that directs our visitors to your website.

John, I appreciate your earlier postings, especially the one in response to my question about the "Dresden" or German rifles. I also, appreciate the way you've handled the link to the article at http://www.MilitaryTrader.Com . I hope our visitors will read the article and visit your outstanding website.

Please always feel free, to post links to such articles that are "on-topic" with one or more of our message boards.

Jim Martin

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