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A Request For Support

Dear Friends,

It has always been my desire to operate a fully, self-supporting website for a high-quality and high-volume discussion of the Civil War and its participants. Unfortunately, the orders from Military Records and Book Sales has fallen far short of our requirements for the annual contract, outside support and software necessary to operate these sites.

If you've gained real enjoyment and obtained information you find of value from the message boards at History-Sites.Com, may I ask that you consider a donation to this site? The message boards at History-Sites.Com are, by far, the most popular site on the internet for Civil War discussion. Many single state sites have more postings than all of the discussions on alternative discussion forums that employ a staff to administer them. With your donations, we can provide even more discussion and history websites. I have plans to promote some of our under-performing message boards, as well as, add new state and special interest sites. Unfortunately, I'm at my limit, even with the help of some of our volunteer moderators and monitors, for the number of message boards I can effectively administer. Some part-time paid assistance would be very helpful and for that I need your support.

I would also like to implement a new version of the WebBBS software that runs these message boards. It is more secure, faster, uses less bandwidth, but does require a payment to gain the support I need to make it function properly.

Anything would help. Because our family of visitors and posters is numbered in the thousands, even $5, $10 or $20 gifts would go a long way towards meeting our expenses.

If you'd like to help, please click on this link where you can donate by Credit Card by clicking on the "Make A Donation" buttor or mail a check or money order to History-Sites.Com at the address provided.

I will attempt to do a better job, in the future, of providing a broader range of paid services and making the book ordering process easier; however, our immediate needs and the drain on my personal finances, require that I ask for a little help.

With my sincerest thanks,

Jim Martin