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A Special "Thank You"

Dear Friends,

I am humbled by the overwhelming response and the supportive messages I've received for the "Request For Support" posting. I'm glad to report that with the PayPal gifts and the pledges of "checks in the mail", we're over halfway to the goal of recouping excess expenses over the last six months and the cost for implementation of new software here on the message boards.

I held off, quite some time, posting any request for assistance, but with the continuing slowdown in revenue from other sources and having made a large annual payment for our server in January, and other expenses, I thought I'd ask if there was a desire by our visitors and regulars to help out.

If you understand the reference, I kinda' feel like "George Bailey" from "It's a Wonderful Life". Remember the message from Clarence, the angel, in the copy of Tom Sawyer, "remember no man is a failure who has friends"?

All I can say is thank you and tell you, I've been a little "misty-eyed" since yesterday morning with the ourpouring of support and interest displayed by our History-Sites.Com family.