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Sword of General W. R. Terrill

Does anyone know where the sword of General William R. Terrill is? He was an 1853 graduate of the U. S. Military Academy, and was killed at Perryville, Ky., Oct. 8, 1862. After the battle, his sword was picked up by an Ohio soldier. It was later recovered by a U. S. Marshall and evidently sent to Gen. Terrill's family in Pennsylvania or New York. His brother-in-law, Guy V. Henry, Sr., at one time had possession of Terrill's commission, and most likely inherited the sword when Mrs. Terrill died in 1884.
In 1898, and as late as 1944, the sword was a part of the collection at the West Point Museum. Sometime in the 1960's (they think), it disappeared. In the 1980's, the sword was dropped from the museum holdings as a missing item.

Check personal holdings and shops - it has to be somewhere. The blade is inscribed with Terrill's name as well as Gen. Boyle's.

I would appreciate any help in locating this item. I am working on a biography of Gen. Terrill, and would really like to know what happened to his sword.


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Sword of General W. R. Terrill
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