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.58 Joslyn carbines

I recently ran across a Joslyn that was a bit of an oddball. It is numbered in the very last of the production run - 16,000+. However, it seems to be chambered for a .58 rimfire rather than the standard. It is not government marked.

In my references - I did run across a note that the end of the production run - (perhaps the last 500 carbines or so) were in .58 caliber. And that Joslyn tried to sell their last 2000 guns to the Goverment after the War but were refused.

Does anybody have any further references as to the retooling to .58 for this carbine? Does anybody know if it was the standard .58 rimfire that it was chambered for? It seems that given the time and money to retool - they had to have some reason behind it - beyond a 500 gun batch.

Thanks for any help - Gene

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.58 Joslyn carbines