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Gatling Gun During WBTS

I have learned recently that the Gatling gun was invented by Dr. Richard Jordan Gatling and a prototype gun was demonstrated early in 1862. However, the Gatling gun saw only limited use during the WBTS. Some sources say that Ben Butler used two (2) of the guns in 1864 around Petersburg & eight (8) on some gunboats. Also, Porter is said to have used one (1) and Hancock ordered twelve (12) for his I Corps. This information is taken from the following two (2) websites:

Does anyone know the Gatling gun's range, effectiveness of its firepower, and whether or not the Union soldiers firing it ever caused Confederate casualities ? Perhaps someone has seen from diaries, letters, etc. information as to the weapons' effectiveness during its limited use during combat. I would appreciate any help related to this post......Joe Ashley

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Gatling Gun During WBTS
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