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Heritage for sale!

I just returned home from the H.L. Hunley crew funeral in Charleston. While I was there I heard of a store in North Charleston that sold Civil War merchandise so I decided to check it out. I was very surprised to see a single battle flag for sale there. It appears to be lagitimate. It is a Cleburn's Division 8th Ark, Hardee style flag. Here is the info as it was posted on the frame:

8th Arkansas Cleburne Division

Hardee’s 3rd Corp

Central Army of Kentucky

Flag: White Moon on a blue field- Hardee Pattern

Purchased: February 2004 Greg Studdard

Location: Rome, Georgia An antique dealer who had purchased

An estate that had several flags in it. Dealer’s comment was

“That everything was historically correct”-Blue field had been

filled in as the moon and the outside white border remained but

blue was left as the remaining parts indicated tears and tatters-

Flag is sold “as-is”

The price is $5710.00

The store is:

CSA Galleries Inc.

2409 Mall Dr.

North Charleston, SC

Ph: 800.256.1861

Incidentally this store is owned by state senator Glenn McConnell who is also the chairman of the Hunley Commission.

I know that Civil War artifacts are sold regularly and I just don't approve of it. A battle flag was the most important "piece of honor" that a unit had. I think this flag belongs in a museum in Arkansas. What do Ya'll think.

Perhaps the SCV camps in Arkansas could raise the funds to return this flag home. I would gladly donate to it.

I photographed the flag and if anyone would like to see it I can email a copy.

John Atwood

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