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I have a Leech-Rigdon ( Ansley-Rigdon ) revolver #195 it has the Leech-Rigdon name on the flat top of the frame reading from barrel to nipples Leech-Rigdon CSA (next line ) Augusta GA 1985. The trigger guard & backstrap are brass the frame is steel. The recoil shield has a capping channel and safety pins between each nipple. Rifling in barrel is 7 lands & grooves to the left. There are plenty of tooling marks on the barrel,frame & cylinder ( 6 shot ) The grip appears to be made of walnut with some sort of cross hatching impressed in the upper part of the grip, it appears to be original. I believe, according to all the resource material I have read, that the revolver was made during the transistion from Leech-Rigdon to Ansley-Rigdon.
Also stamped on the bottom of the trigger guard is a capital letter J & on the base of the grip on the brass strap is the letters CSA SC. Can anyone give a ball park on value assuming its the real deal? Thanks

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