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Confederate Wool Shirt

SELMA MORNING REPORTER, November 1, 1862, p. 1, c. 2

Directions for Knitting Woolen Shirts
for Soldiers.

Use two needles.
Size of needle, [drawing]

Hang on 120 stitches, and knit backwards and forwards, garter stitch, the length of a yard, this forms the back.—to shape the neck, knit 47 stitches and turn off 26, knitting the remaining 47—narrow every other round—next the turned stitches, until 40 stitches are left, when knit four rounds, without narrowing. Now widen by throwing your thread as you knit the first stitch until you have 60 stitches—knit a third of a yard without narrowing, to form the opening in front. Now commence with the other 47 stitches and knit them by the same directions, until the pieces are of equal lengths, when join and knit the length of the back, measuring from the centre of the shoulder. To form the sleeves, pick up 45 stitches each side of the centre of the shoulder, widen every third stitch, which gives you 120 stitches, narrow every other round each side of the needle to form the gusset, until 84 stitches are left—knit without narrowing the length you wish the sleeve. To finish off the sleeves use four small steel needles and knit all round, one plain and one turned stitch, as you do the rib of a sock.—Whip up the sides with woolen thread, make the turned rounds meet and the seam doesn't show. Bind the neck and opening as in other shirts.