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Pointed CSA headstones

Technically, this is not an "arms and equipment" question, but I'm trying to exhaust all possible sources and leads.

I am looking for the source of the story that says that pointed-top CSA headstones were adopted to keep Yankees from sitting on them. The VA website includes the story, and I have written to them, and their response is that the story is legendary. (Well, I figured that, but there still should be an original source.)

I have written, or asked about everyone I thought should know, and I've read about everything that appears obvious, with no better answer than that.

Does anyone have any suggestion to finding the original source of the story? The headstones were first adopted in 1906, so the story would have come from that time period or later. I suspect it originated at about that time, however, since everyone I've talked to has said they have heard that story "for years".

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Pointed CSA headstones
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