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What was an Asst-Surg's rank and uniform?

Hello all,
Is it true that according to regulations medical personel in the military was supposed to have black trim? And if someone were an Asst-Surg, wasn't his rank that of "Major"?

Also, what did these asst-surgeons wear in the field, just their regular uniforms with the black trim, their rank, and some sort of sleeve slash showing he was in the medical field? Also, did they ever wear a white coat with rank on it like the "doc" did in the movie, "The Horse Soldiers"? I am curious if they ever wore a white coat like that or did they just wear that during actual surgery or what. I figured that in the field they wore their regular uniforms, but if assigned to work at a hospital they might have worn the white doctor's coats. Anyone know about this? Any info would be appreciated.
David Middleton Edelen II
Millbrook, Al.

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What was an Asst-Surg's rank and uniform?
What was an Asst-Surg's rank and uniform?