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Ordnance Train Wagon Capacity

For several years I have been researching and writing a book on the battle of Stone's River/Murfreesboro. In an account by a division ordnance officer, he stated that his train consisted of thirty-nine wagons, drawn by six-mule teams,loaded with small arms and artillery ammunition. That brought several questions to mind:

(1) What was the weight capacity for a wagon ?

(2) In turn, how many boxes of small arms ammunition could a wagon carry? (Of course, that requires knowing the weight of a box of ammunition, most of which contained 1,000 rounds).

(3)The ordnance officer also wrote that his train when on the move was quite a sight, which brought up the question of how long or how much space the train would take up.

If someone is interested in finding answers to these question, please share. I would also appreciare citing a source to be used as a refertence in the book.

Best Regards & GOD's Blessings,

L. K. Smith