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Barnett Enfields have been identified to soldiers of both sides in the WBTS, so in the absence of specific markings or good provenance on the piece, this one is like most Enfields found today - it's impossible to say which side may have used it.

This is certainly the general type of Enfield used by both sides - I have seen several Barnetts marked like this (the TOWER beneath the Crown seems to have been a Barnett style - I have seen few other Enfields marked like this). BTW, the TOWER and Crown markings have nothing to do with the British Government or the Tower Armoury - these were just common military markings used by the contractors who made Endfields for sale to Americans (and others).

A 2-band rifle would be a P56, P58, P60, or P61 ... not a P53. P56s were the most common. What maximum range is the rear sight graduated to? Is the furniture iron or brass?

The stamps on the breech end of the barrel are the London Gunmakers' proof marks - View and Proof markings. The two 25s on the bottom of the barrel go with these - they are the bore gauge marks - 25 bore was the regulation .577 caliber.

WP was probably one of Barnett's inspectors, or perhaps one of the main assemblers.

Hope this helps,

Geoff Walden

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