The Civil War Flags Message Board

April 1865

On April 19, 1865 in California, The Sacramento Daily Union newspaper reported the following: “VARIOUS DIVERS AND SUNDRY” “Twenty-two rebel battle flags were deposited at the War Department yesterday by private soldiers of Sheridan’s command, who captured them when on their late great raid. Most of the flags were captured by men of the First, Eighth and Twenty-Second New York Cavalry regiments, and speeches were made by Senator Ira Harris, Secretary Stanton and Senator Howard, of Michigan. Mrs. Custer, wife of the gallant General of that name, was present and shook hands with the men, each of whom received a furlough, a present of pocket money and a medal. Among the trophies were Breckinridge’s old headquarters flag, that of Early, and the saddle, pistols, field glass and other equipments of “”Ole Jubal”” as our men fondly call the fugacious Early.”