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18th Georgia Flag

On Oct 17th 1861 the 18th Georgia (Col Howard Cobb) was presented with a fancy new First National flag with much fanfare in a ceremony in Richmond. This flag was procured and presented by the Confederate Congress. The newspaper accounts describe the flag as being made of heavy silk, with gold fringe with an inscription upon it "presented by" etc... and it likely had unit ID on it too.

It is not known if this particular flag has survived somewhere in a private collection. Attempting to track down any related information of who may have made the flag and any further descriptions of the flag in question and its details thereof. Size, How and where on the flag the inscription may have been placed... on the White bar, canton etc..

There are three other known flags surviving that are attributed to the 18th Georgia... another unmarked First National (likely was a company presented flag) an unmarked 2nd ANV Bunting, and a late war ANV flag that appears likely to be a 6th Bunting issue... However trying to seek out any additional data of this early presentation FN flag...
Thanks in advance

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