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Colors taken at Perryville by Arkansas troops

Can anyone identify which Union colors were lost from the below from a Little Rock newspaper?



Notice is given that a "stand of colors" captured at the Battle of Perryville, KY by an Arkansas Brigade will be presented to Governor Harris Flanagin at seven o'clock. Everyone is invited to attend, "especially the Ladies."

This was Liddell's brigade as the only truly Arkansas brigade and the fact that Col Featherston of the 5th Arkansas Regt of that brigade was ordered to present the colors by order of Lt. Gen. Hardee. In Liddell's report he states 2 were taken by the 2nd Ark and 2 more by the 2nd and 1 by the 6th but those were torn to pieces and distributed to the men as trophies. So do we know which ones, five in all, were taken and by chance which one was sent to Little Rock for Governor Flanagin.