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Perryville flag captured

Hello, gentlemen. Gregg I think you will very interested in what read.

The books is called "Tennessee's Forgotten Warriors."

Frank Cheatham and His Confederate Division.

Author: Christopher Losson

Year published: 1989

Page 70, "The 1st Tennesseans fell back in some confusion and were unable to bring the guns (Artillery) (Capt. Bush's Indiana Battery, 500 yards from LT. Parson's eight gun battery). Twice the 1st Tennesseans captured the battery and twice they where pushed back. A Wisconsin regiment (Certainly the 1st Wisconsin Infantry Regiment) captured the colors of the 1st Tennessee in the fierce fight for the guns (Artillery).

A number (27) Source, end notes.

Cheatham, "The Battle of Perryville," 705 (Cheatham's quote); BFC's Perryville Report, Western Reserve; Dr. Charles W. Miles, Sr., "Col. Hume R. Feild," CV (Sept. 1921), 325; Sam R. Watkins, "Co Aytch," Maury Greys, First Tennessee Regiment; or, A Side Show of the Big Show (Chattanooga, 1900; reprint ed., Dayton Ohio, 1982), 53; Charles W. Carr to wife, Oct. 10, 1862, Charles W. Carr Letters, Chicago Historical Society (Wisconsin private's quote); Or, 16, pt. I: IIII, III8, II55-56; Toney, Privations of a private, 43-44.

I typed the full end notes, sources, from the book.

Hope that helps!!

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Have a good weekend,

Shawn Prouty

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