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Hi Gregg, this subject about Union captured flags at Gettysburg has become just a dead end. I Dont know if it is out of pride but Ohio and Pennsylvania historial civil war people just did not have any info at all.

Only 2 Union flags are mentioned captured in the Gettysburg OR. They are: 3rd Maine and the 62nd Pa (national flag)

Day 1, Union flags captured: 119th new york- 13th Ga captured

55th Va took the 149th new york's national flag.
42nd Ms took the 149th new york's state flag. (I believe the 149th new york carried 3 flags at Gettysburg)

I-Corps Reynold's HQ flag captured--Perrin's Sc brigade captured it.

104th new york-1 flag captured (the flag the 104th ny threw in the mud) Perrin's Sc brigade

26th Wisconsin--State flag captured by the 12th or 44th Ga

157th new york--12th Ga???

150th Pa-lost a flag to the 14th nc

Day 2) 157th new york lost their flag to the 37th Va, "Stuart's night attack" east culp's hill.

62nd Pa lost their national flag in the Wheatfield (Wofford's brigade)

11th US Regualars lost a flag in the Wheatfield (Wofford's brigade most likely)

75th Ohio lost their national flag (Hay's brigade)

4th Michigan--lost their flag in the Wheatfield (Wofford)

Day 3) 7th Michigan Cav (Custer) flag captured--Stuart's Cav.

Hays's claims his brigade captured 4 flags during the night attack.

Wofford says his brigade took 3 flags and almost a 4th (141st Pa)

Perrin says his brigade took 4 flags

Brockenbrough says his brigade took 2 flags, 1 was the 149th Pa the other ???

I have read some books that say the 2nd Ms captured a flag from the 56th Pa on day 1, while other books say it was fought over and does'nt say if they did or did'nt lose their flag.

My guess would be at least 30 Union flags were captured at Gettysburg. Howard's Corps on day 1 had to have lost many flags. I did alot of research on the Iron Brigade, they came close to losing flags, but none were captured.

The Confederates lost 55 and half flags at Gettysburg. There are probably 10 more confederate flags that were captured (mostly during Pickett's charge) and were taken home by the area commander as a trophy. I have read about privates picking up captured rebel flags just to be threatened by a "General by gun point or by a sword". These captured Confederate flags are lost to history. But what is known out of Pickett's Division of 15 Va regiment's only 2 regiment's did not lose their flag (11th Va and the 24th Va) Kemper's far right regiment's.

A great book on Pickett's charge (with flag captures) is Gettysburg by noah trudeau.

If I am wrong on anything, feel free to correct me. If you know of more Union flags captured, also let me know.

Thank you,


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