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I am not seeing a "B" or Benjamin Young in the 3rd Maryland Light Artillery (CS). There is an H.L. Young listed. What is the source for your information that Benjamin Young served in this unit?

There is a Benjamin Young in this unit:

4th Battery, Maryland Artillery

4th Artillery Company [also called Chesapeake Battery] was organized at Richmond, Virginia, during the spring of 1862. The unit served in J.W. Latimer's, R.S. Andrews', and C.M. Braxton's Battalion, and later the Maryland Line and D.G. McIntosh's Battalion. It fought with the Army of Northern Virginia from Cedar Mountain to Mine Run, saw action at Cold Harbor and south of the James River, and was involved in the Appomattox Campaign. The battery lost 1 wounded at Second Manassas, had 4 killed and 12 wounded of the 76 at Gettysburg, and surrendered with 1 sergeant and 11 privates. Captains William D. Brown and Walter S. Chew were its commanders.

Jim Martin

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