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Secession Flag Details

I found these details of the secession flag while researching some newspapers. Please disregard if anyone has seen this info before.


DADEVILLE BANNER [DADEVILLE, AL], March 28, 1861, p. 2, c. 4
The Secession Flag.—A description of the secession flag has been published. A representation of the flag before us certainly shows a pretty deceit. The upper and lower sections, comprising the “fly” part, are red, the middle section white, while a blue union, containing seven stars in a circle, reaches from the top to the lower red. This flag possesses an heraldic significance probably not comprehended by the uninitiated. The blue union signifies firmness, constancy, faithfulness; the white, purity and peace; and red is emblematic of war. With the seven stars in the blue this flag can be read as follows: Blue—Seven States have entered into a covenant in Good Faith. White—to promote the general welfare in time of Peace.—Red—to provide a common defense in times of war. To assist the reader to interpret the flag more fully, we would state that in engraving heraldic devices it is ruleable to make the portions delineating blue in horizontal lines, and red in perpendicular ones.