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New Flag of the Confederacy

Confederate National Flag Design. Note the "4" stars in a square detailed.

SOUTHERN CONFEDERACY [ATLANTA, GA], February 20, 1862, p. 1, c. 6

The New Flag of the Confederacy.

We learn that the Committee of Congress, charged with determining and reporting a design for the flag of the Southern Confederacy, have adopted one which we reproduce in the sketch below: [sketch]

It will be seen from the sketch that the flag is to be a blue "Union" on a red field; the stars being white, the national colors of red, white and blue, being thus reproduced. There are four stars disposed in the form of a square within the Union.

The Committee have chosen the design from a great number and variety submitted to them. The collections of the designs offered to the Committee is quite curious--beehives, snakes, temples of liberty, and all sorts of devices figuring among them.

The design adopted, it is understood, is almost unanimously approved by Congress, with the exception of the stars and their arrangement, for which some of the members propose to substitute the Southern Cross. It is understood that the other parts of the design will certainly be adopted by Congress.--Richmond Examiner.