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Mrs. Wigfall's Wedding Dress made into TX. flag

Interesting description of Mrs. Wigfall's wedding dress being made into a Lone Star flag for Texas troops.


DAILY CHRONICLE & SENTINEL [AUGUSTA, GA], December 7, 1861, p. 2, c. 1

The flag of the Texas Camp at Camp Wigfall, near Dumfries, Virginia, is made of the bridal dress of Mrs. Wigfall. Says the correspondent of the Austin Gazette:

It bears the emblem of the "Lone Star," and this is of pure white silk, set in a blue ground; the fold are purple and white. It never will be given up. An old war worned [sic] warrior approached it, and as his eyes gazed steadily upon the banner, he said--"That star was made of the bridal dress of the lady of our gallant Colonel! She worked it up with her fair hands, and gave it to us to carry through the battles of our country. How could we fail to protect it with our lives! No, sir! I never failed to meet the enemy, when that star was our watchward [sic], and now, when our whole South is in danger, I feel that my poor life can be given up [as] easily upon that flag as my shroud. The old fellow, with his gray hairs, still stands before me in memory. Such is the feeling of every Texan.