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Description of the Edgefield (SC) Rifles flag

Description of the flag of the Edgefield Rifles of South Carolina.


DAILY CONSTITUTIONALIST [AUGUSTA, GA], January 8, 1861, p. 3, c. 1

The Edgefield Rifles.

A gallant corps of citizen soldiery from old Edgefield, the Edgefield Rifles, arrived in Hamburg on Sunday last, and left for Charleston on the 7½ o’clock P. M. train of cars. They number eighty-three men rank and file, and are under command of Capt. Cicero Adams.

While in Hamburg, a beautiful flag, of blue silk trimmed with gold lace, was presented to the Rifles by the ladies of Edgefield District—the presentation speech being made by Ensign Pierce Butler, Jr., in a neat and appropriate manner. On one side of the flag is a “Palmetto tree,” with the words: “give us a place near the flashing of the guns;” on the other side a [“]lone star,” with the words: “Edgefield Rifles.”

Previous to the departure of the company, Mr. James W. Meredith’s cannon was brought into requisite, and a salute of fifty guns was fired. As the train moved off, the large crowd of citizens of Augusta and Hamburg present gave loud and prolonged cheers for the Edgefield Rifles. Should duty call, it will be their pleasure to obey.