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Large Georgia Southern Confederacy flag

Georgia Fire Company displays large Southern Confederacy flag.


DAILY CONSTITUTIONALIST [AUGUSTA, GA], January 22, 1861, p. 3, c. 1

The Demonstrations on Saturday Night.

. . . Georgia Fire Company.—The patriotic spirits who man the ropes of Georgia Fire Company were among the foremost in the celebrations. They had one of Capt. Girardey’s field pieces stationed in front of their engine house, and as soon as the news was received, with it was fired a salute of fifteen guns. Col. Meredith’s “baby waker” was also brought into requisition by the company, and joined in the salutations. At night, the engine house was brilliantly illuminated, while in front of the building was suspended Col. Meredith’s beautiful secession banner, and over the door a transparency having upon it a single star, and the words: “We will defend our name.” . . .

Augusta, No. 5.—The engine house of this gallant company was in a blaze of light, while above it was an impromptu Southern Rights flag. This banner is still floating there, and will continue to do so until the Southern Confederacy adopts its new flag, when the company intends to get a splendid one of the kind, cost what it will. The one now suspended over the engine house is about sixteen feet in length, by eight and a half in width, and is of white ground with red stripes; in the union is the coat of arms of Georgia, with five stars within the arch—one for each seceding State. Across the flag are the words: “Southern Confederacy.” . .