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Very Detailed Description of GA. flag raised

Very detailed description of the GA. flag raised over the Custom House.


DAILY CONSTITUTIONALIST [ AUGUSTA , GA ], February 5, 1861, p. 2, c. 2

The State Flag Hoisted on the Custom House.—Yesterday, at one o’clock, the Georgia Flag was displayed from the flag-staff of the Custom House, and was greeted with hearty cheers by the Custom House officers and the citizens in the streets in that vicinity. The flag, which is a very beautiful one, both in design and execution, was furnished by Mr. A. Bonaud, proprietor of the City Hotel, the needle work having been executed by the ladies of his family, and the painting by Mr. Cerveau, artest [sic], of this city. The flag is white, bordered with red. In the centre of the white field is represented the Coat of Arms of Georgia. Five red stars, with the blue star of Georgia at the top of the temple, and surrounded with a glory form the curve of an arch extending from the two lower corners of the flag. Over all is the All-seeing Eye. By this arrangement, while the coat of arms of our own State is the prominent feature of the banner, the seceding States, as they come into the constellation of our Southern Confederacy, will find their appropriate places in the arch of strength or the bow of promise that spans our glorious banner of free and independent Georgia .

The flag was hoisted over the Custom House by permission of Collector Boston, at the suggestion of Boarding Officer H. M. Davenport, and was hauled to its place on the staff by Major W. J. McIntosh, formerly of the U. S. Navy, and at present an Appraiser, and the oldest officer in our Custom House.—Sav. Morning News, Feb. 2.

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