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Delta Rifles, 4th LA. Inf.Co. Flag Description

Detailed description of the company flag of the Delta Rifles, later in the 4th LA. Inf.


SUGAR PLANTER [WEST BATON ROUGE, LA], April 27, 1861, p. 2, c. 2-4

The flag is the flag our glorious Southern Confederacy. Made of the finest silk, it is without exception one of the most beautiful we have ever seen. It is heavily fringed with gold, and bears on one side, embroidered in gold, the motto "Our Rights Forever," and on the other similarly embroidered, the beautiful legend, "Our Prayers Attend You." The staff is handsomely ornamented, surmounted with gilt spear head, from the base of which hang three rich golden cords, and tassels. It is a handsome gift, and reflects great credit upon the noble ladies of our parish, who left nothing undone to render the flag worthy of them and those over whose heads it is to wave, perhaps in many a hard-fought field. One thing the ladies can bee assured—that it will never be deserted while a man is left to defend it.