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Vermont Flag Captured by 3rd GA.

3rd GA. with captured Vermont Flag.

SAVANNAH [GA] REPUBLICAN, June 5, 1862, p. 1, c. 1

Fine Regiment.--The 3d Georgia Regiment, commanded by Col. A. R. Wright, made its appearance in Richmond yesterday. As Yankee overcoats were considerably sprinkled about, we judged that they had a brush with the wooden nutmeg makers somewhere, and such on inquiry proved to be the case, as they met and drove back not long since, at South Mills, N. C., a large body of Hessians, and possessed themselves of some of their toggery. The 3d Regiment numbered about 1,200 men, and were accompanied by a full brass band. They brought along, as a trophy, a flag which they had taken from a Vermont regiment. The men were all healthy looking, young fellows, and will make their mark, we have no doubt.--Richmond Dispatch, 30th.

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Vermont Flag Captured by 3rd GA.
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