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It looks like some parts of Georgia did produce Jewish volunteers. Maybe the company from West Point was too small and ended up joing with these guys.

SAVANNAH [GA] REPUBLICAN, September 20, 1862, p. 2, c. 2

Meeting in the 32d Regiment.

At a meeting of the German Jews of the 32d Regiment Georgia Volunteers, held at Battery Harrison, Sept. 16th, 1862,

Lieut. Morris Dawson was called to the Chair and M. D. Gortatowsky requested to act as Secretary.

The Chair then called upon Mr. C. Wessolowsky to explain the object of the meeting, who on rising, returned thanks for the honor, and proceeded as follows:

Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen:--I indeed regret very much that the cause of our meeting to-day is based on matters which never should have occurred in such an enlightened century, and in such critical and troublesome times; but gentlemen, no doubt all of you have read the article in the Daily News of Friday last, headed "unlocated traders," in which you find a meeting held in Thomasville, wherein we as German Jews, have been calumniated and persecuted by them to such an extent as to prohibit our settling in their village, and that those residing there should leave after ten days notice, and after that period, to be forcibly driven from their homes. How you must have felt at hearing of the existence of such an unjust act at this age I can judge for myself. As a people, willing as we were, and are, to struggle for our adopted country, to sacrifice all that is dear to us, to abandon our second home, and leave our wives and children to the care of strangers not belonging to our society, or fraternity, we, our armor buckled, enduring all toils and hardships of a camp life, ready to shed our blood for the defence of our country, now to be denounced, slandered, and accused of unfidelity, and disloyalty to our country and government. I would refer the gentlemen of Thomasville, to the multitude of companies now in camps, that are filled with none but German Jews and foreigners, and ask them to cast a view upon the 70 Regiments of our noble State, and see how many Jews and foreigners, more or less, are in each; ask them to peruse the lists of donations, and see how liberal and free-hearted the German Jews and foreigners are in behalf of aiding their adopted country.

We are accused of speculating upon the necessities and wants of a people in the gloomy hour of its nation's trial. But, gentlemen, admitting that there are a few who practice extravagance, and are guilty of the charges preferred by the gentlemen of Thomasville against us; yet, as a people, we can flatter ourself to be as honest and true as any; and why should they condemn the whole mass for a few individuals?

Let us look at the gentlemen from Thomasville who claim nativity to Thomas county, and are entitled to citizenship of their village, and see if they themselves don't partake of this extortion. Behold them coming to market, the one with fowls and the other with eggs; ask their price, and "two dollars for a pair of chickens and seventy cents for a dozen eggs," will be the reply. Now, Mr. Chairman and gentlemen, what is the cause of those high prices? Is it the scarcity of the articles, originated by our blockaded ports? Does it take more labor, expense, and time now to raise those articles than usual? or is it their zeal and patriotism towards their country in elevating the suffering of the sick and dying soldiers in hospitals? I, for myself, Mr. Chairman, can answer that it is neither, and only the love for money, and the knowledge that necessity compels us to buy the same, is the sole cause of this extortion! The German Jews pictured in that resolution as itinerant traders and merchants, can obtain their goods only through immense troubles and hardships and enormous prices—must they not sell them with more percentage than usual, and especially when they have to pay those outrageous prices for provisions? Surely they must. Now, Mr. Chairman, if you ask the gentlemen of Thomasville who are the extortioners, they will push the whole of the crime upon the German Jews and clear their own skirts by asserting their nativity,

We therefore, gentlemen, have met to-day to appeal jointly, as soldiers, to an enlightened public, in the name of our brethren and kinsmen who are far off in the midst of dangers and perils of the battle field, enduring the toils and hardships of camp life, and who have not the opportunity of asking justification from the public; and I hope you will take the proper and necessary steps to provide for the same.

On motion of Mr. P. Morris, a committee of five were appointed to draft suitable resolutions for the consideration of this meeting. The committee consisted of Messrs. A. H. Wopolowsky, Chas. Angel, H. Baer, H. Hopp, and Ph. Singer. The committee retired, and returning reported the following preamble and resolutions, which were unanimously adopted:

Whereas, We have read with astonishment and surprise the proceedings off a meeting held at Thomasville by its citizens, on the 30th ult., wherein German Jews and foreigners were denounced in unmeasurable terms—the former accused of all faults and vices of human society, and the latter even held as unfit for train hands, &c., &c.: Be it therefore

Resolved, That we esteem the members of the meeting held on that day at Thomasville with contempt, and deem the motive of the same based only upon selfishness and envy.

Resolved, That we advise all German Jews and foreigners henceforth to cut off all communication and friendly ties between them, and be separated for the future, as we deem them unworthy of the same.

Resolved, That we regard the resolutions adopted at that meeting in Thomasville as unbecoming and unworthy of gentlemen.

And be it further resolved, That the Savannah Republican, and all other papers in our State which are opposed to such foul slander, be requested to publish the above.

On motion the meeting adjourned.

M. Dawson, Chairman.

M. D. Gortatowsky, Sec'y.

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