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Unusual Inscription on Captured Yankee Flag

Unusual inscription on a captured Yankee flag captured by men of the 2nd SC Arty.

RICHMOND [VA] WHIG, March 5, 1864, p. 1, c. 3

Inscription on a Yankee Flag.A few days since, Sergeant Cullum and Corporal Schwartz, of the 2d S. C. Artillery, went within the enemy's picket lines between Morris' and James' Islands, and in the face of the foe brought off a standard planted in the marsh to taunt and insult our brave and gallant men.

The following are the inscriptions on the flag:

Boat Picket, Morris' Island, }

February 20, 1864. }

By the eternal the Union must be preserved. what do you mean you grayback scoundrels? Our country one and inseparable ----- -----. Bill of fare at the Union Saloon: Fresh beef, fresh bread, coffee, tea, and the delicacies of the Northern market, at the sign of the Flag of the Free. Our terms are allegiance to the Government that you have enjoyed and betrayed. How are you Jonnie Red? Where is B. Hay? Give us a visit boys; as friends we forswear to greet you, as enemy's to meet you.

The secessionist, the copperheads, may they both meet on the other side of Jordan.

No. "2."

Charleston, the sodom of the 19th century; flee from her as from the wrath to come. Return ye misguided children, and you will be welcomed to Abraham's bosom. A Palville friend requests Captain Chichester to return to his allegiances and save his family from eternal disgrace. The Ironsides, Abraham's friend and the traitors foe. The stars and stripes respected by the whole world, but her own rebellious sons; return to her folds. Abraham Lincoln, an honest man, in an honest cause. Jefferson Davis, the would be autocrat and founder of slaveocracy. Take your choice, Jefferson the first, or Abraham the first, and the freeman's choice.