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Presentation of flag to Treasury Dept. Battalion

No flag details, but very nice presentation of flag to Treasury Dept. Battalion.

RICHMOND [VA] WHIG, April 26, 1864, p. 2, c. 3

Flag Presentation.—It being announced that a flag was to be presented by the ladies of the Treasury Note Bureau to the Departmental Battalion, on the Capitol Square, last evening, at 4 o'clock, at that hour a great number of ladies and soldiers, and some citizens assembled to witness the ceremonies. The Battalion, however, did not arrive until 5 o'clock, and Mr. Memminger, who was to present the flag on the part of the ladies, not until some half hour later. The Battalion was drawn up in line on the north side of the Square, with their faces towards the Capitol building. After much delay, and running hither and thither of parties, each of whom seem to be going after the flag, it was at last produced, and a very rich and beautiful flag it proved to be. Mr. Memminger then, in a speech which very few persons even of the Battalion heard, presented it, and Col. McIlhenney, of the Battalion, received it, and replied in few and fitting words to the remarks of Mr. Memminger. After these ceremonies and music by the splendid band, the Battalion moved off and the crowd dispersed.