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Capture and Description of 10th TN Irish Flag

Great Description of the flag of the 10th TN. Infantry flag captured at Fort Donelson.

NASHVILLE DISPATCH, May 1, 1862, p. 2, c. 3

Another Secession Flag.—At the depot this morning we saw a secession flag, captured at Fort Donelson, which is on its way to the editor of the New York Herald, and is to be presented to the Sixty-ninth regiment, New York State Militia. The flag is of silk, and very finely worked. On one side, which is of green silk, is the following inscription:--"Sons of Erin, go where glory waits you." There is also the symbol of a harp on this side. On the reverse are the stars and bars, in white and white silk. The flag was viewed with some curiosity by those who saw it.—Rochester (N. Y.) Union, April 16.

This flag was made by a lady of this city and presented to the tenth (Col. Heiman's Irish) regiment, at a grand parade of the regiment.

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Capture and Description of 10th TN Irish Flag
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