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July 4,1862 Display of Historical American Flags

Great show of historical American flags in Nashville on July 4, 1862.

NASHVILLE DAILY UNION, July 5, 1862, p. 2, c. 2
[long description of the celebration of the Fourth of July in Nashville]

The large Representative chamber was crowded with people, although not a tithe of the multitude around the Capitol could gain admittance. Hundreds of ladies and lovely girls were seated on the floor, and in the galleries, with flags and badges.

The rostrum was draped with time-honored and war-rent flags, which bore upon their tattered folds, begrimmed [sic] with smoke, the mark of shot and sabre stroke, received upon memorable battle-fields. There waved the banner, emblazoned with its eagle and shield, borne by Gen. Morris' Brigade, on the immortal field of Chalmette, on the 8th of January. There, too, waved the flag which led the "Bloody First" Tennessee, commanded by the gallant Col. Campbell, through the storm of shot and shell which swept "the slippery streets of Monterey:"

"Where on, still on their column kept,

Through walls of flame its withering way,

Where fell their dead the living stepped,

Still charging on the guns which swept

The slippery streets of Monterrey."

The scarred and battle-stained colors of the Tennessee Third appeared also, and told of the heroic deeds of the soldiers of Rough and Ready. All these were the symbols of the American Union, the colors of an undivided Republic, the standards of an undivided and indivisible nationality. How different from the pirate flag of the rebel, so-called Confederacy, born of unholy lust and ambition, whose unsightly folds waved over the Capitol like the wing of death on the last Fourth of July!