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Details of the Ram, CSS Huntsville Flag

MOBILE REGISTER AND ADVERTISER, July 3, 1863, p. 1, c. 7

A Flag for the Ram Huntsville.—There has just been completed in this city a mammoth flag of the new design, the gift of the ladies of Huntsville, Alabama, to the officers and crew of the steam ram "Huntsville," at Mobile. The flag is in dimensions eighteen feet by twelve feet; the material is extra strong bunting, trimmed with silk. The lettering, which is needle worked in silver, is as follows: "In God we have put our trust." "Presented by the ladies of Huntsville, Alabama, June, 1863."

The flag was manufactured by Miss Rachael C. Semon, of Richmond, under the supervision of Misses Watkins and Mastin, a committee appointed by the ladies of Huntsville. The cost of the flag was fourteen hundred dollars. It was yesterday forwarded to its destination. The flag is the most elaborate and costly of the new design of the National Standard yet turned out, and is creditable to the skill of the lady artisan.—[Richmond Examiner.

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Details of the Ram, CSS Huntsville Flag
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