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27th IL Inf. Flag Captured by 29th TN. Inf.

MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL [ATLANTA, GA], July 1, 1864, p. 1, c.4

Near Marietta, June 27, 1864.

Editors Appeal: This morning at about nine o'clock, the enemy in seven lines of battle advanced against the divisions of Generals Cheatham and Cleburne, of Lieut. Gen. Hardee's corps. Our men were in one line, and after a severe fight of near an hour's duration, the enemy was bloodily and handsomely repulsed, leaving their dead and wounded on the field. We captured a few prisoners and two stand of colors. Second Sergt. W. J. Woltz, 29th Tennessee, advanced one hundred yards in front of our works, and captured the flag of the 27th Illinois. The flag was presented that regiment by Brig. Gen. Buford. Sergt. W. carried the flag to major-Gen. Cheatham, and was ordered by that admirable officer to convey it to the headquarters of Lieut. Gen. Hardee. Upon arriving at Gen. Hardee's he inquired if he was at the right place, when Gen. Hardee replied: "Yes sir, I am Gen. Hardee; where did you get that flag?" "I captured it sir," says the sergeant, his face brightly beaming, "and general with your permission I will be pleased to keep it and send it to my sweetheart." "Certainly sir, certainly," replied the general, "give me your hand. I know no reason why you should not have it, and certainly no one is better entitled to it. You shall be promoted sir; what is your name?" The sergeant modestly gave the name as above written. . .

A prisoner taken stated that he was told by his officers that he should take dinner in Atlanta on the 4th of July. Cannot you prevail upon "the powers that be" to let him stop off on his way to Anderson, Ga., the scene of his future campaign this summer, and take a dinner with some runaway negro in the barracks of your city? It is a pity to disappoint him!