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Re: 5th Maine's captured CSA flag at Rappahannock

I bought the "Lee's Tigers" by Terry L. Jones, yestaurday. Very good book.

I think that the 121st ny took the 6th La's flag. The 6th La and 8th La were the left regiments in Hay's brigade. We know the 7th's flag was saved and the color bearer tossed in in a campfire, so as not to be captured. 121st had to have fought the 6th La.

Upton took his brigade and put the 121st ny on the left and 5th Maine on the right (2 front regiment brigade). The 5th Maine took all of the nc flags (from the OR reports of the 5th Maine commander) how that regiment captured a 8th La flag is hard to believe. These units were not even near each other, unless the flag bearer fell back, was shot and the 5th Maine hooked a left and captured it.

At least 500 of Hay's men were not captured, but close to 700 were. I thought something was odd with those numbers, as I said in the first post.

Ironically, I had 2 family members in the 8th La.
Both were in company "C" both corporals and they were brothers.

Don Louis Pellerin (my mother's father's side) was reported sick October, 1863, so he missed the battle.

Edmon Pellerin was at the battle, he was captured, but what is odd he was released on March 10th, 1864. He was captured again at Winchester on September 19th, 1864. Again he must have been released for the two of them were paroled at Lynchburg, Virginia.

I had always thought after Gettysburg, all Confederate enlisted pow's spent the rest of the war in prisons/camps.

I found alot on the This was a huge help, trying to find out when or if they were K/W/pow/sick etc.

I got more then I could have ever expected. A few are buried at of all places...Arlington national cemetery.

Cheselton Prouty, 4th Vermont--Died of wounds 26 May, 1864 section A, site 1933. I might check Lee's wife's rose garden seeing this must have been a early burial on the grounds.

So far we had 6 Prouty's captured as Pow's, 1 died at Andersonville

9 died of disease

10 Killed in action or mortally wounded.
34 mass, 15th mass, 5th Mich cav, 1st Mich art battery "C", 93rd Ohio, 4th Vt, 74th Indiana, 32nd Iowa, 126th new york and the 2nd Iowa at Cornith. The last regiment I mentioned is very ironic I was just reading Peter Cozzen's book on Iuka/Cornith, after I found out Franklin Prouty was killed at Cornith, I enjoyed the maps Cozzen's book is so detailed. He was killed 4 Oct, 1862.

I also found out that William H. Prouty started off with the 1st Ga (Ramsey) then was transferred to the 63rd Ga on 15 Oct, 1862. He would survive the war and was paroled 1 May, 1865 at Greensboro, north carolina.

The greatest find, was Benjamin H. Prouty with the 25th Texas Cav. I was curious if he made it to fight at Tunnell Hill, well he did, and he survived. I found his pension records and what his wife had filled out.

On the down side...I found even more Prouty's that fought in the Civil War.


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Re: 5th Maine's captured CSA flag at Rappahannock
Re: 5th Maine's captured CSA flag at Rappahannock
Re: 5th Maine's captured CSA flag at Rappahannock
Re: 5th Maine's captured CSA flag at Rappahannock