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This is the million dollar question.

I am back in America from Afghanistan, and I will get my paper work on the 11th Corps at Gettysburg from my files.

I also believe that the 11th Corps lost more flags then has been talked about.

Union flags that were captured at Gettysburg on day 1 (11th Corps)

119th New York--13th Ga captured
26th Wisconsin--State flag, captured by the 12th Ga or 44th Ga.

75th Ohio--National flag (A big ?)

Hay's claims to have captured 4 flags on his brigade's night attack.

The 25th Ohio started with 220 men, they lost 9 Killed, 100 wounded, 75 Pow's, around 60 men made it back to Cemetary hill.

The 82nd Ohio--did not lose any flags.

There are no battlefield reports for the 61st Ohio, 74th Pa and 82nd Illinois. They are "lost".

I have not recieved any help from Ohio, Pennsylvania or New York flag people.

I guess they either dont know or have too much pride.

The 11th Corps had 5 brigade's in action, 250 Killed, 1,200 wounded and 1,400 captured. Around 3,000 loss for the 11th Corps.

Gordon, Hoke, Doles and Hays lost together 765 men. Gordon had 50% of the total loss.

Day 2--157th New York lost their at Culp's hill in "Stuart's night attack" the 37th Virginia captured this flag.

I believe I have a old post on here where I named Union flags captured at Gettysburg.

I plan on going to Gettysburg this July 1, 2, 3 or the weekend that has everyone there. I hope to talk to Mr. Scott Hartwig and get to the bottom of this.

What I find out, you will find out.

Check out my posts in September, 2006 on this wonderful website.

If you have other flags I have not mentioned, you are a blessing!!

Have a good night,


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