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Union flags captured-Spotsylvania

After reading the book "To The North Anna River" by Gordon C. Rhea. On page 87, the fight for "Myers's Hill" about 3/4 of a mile east of Spotyslvania court house.

On May 14th both sides wanted this hill. The 6th Corps under Wright sent Upton's brigade. The 5th Corps under Warren also sent a brigade. The Confederates sent Wright's Georgia brigade, and Harris's Mississippi brigade along with the 9th Va Cav.

In the fight the 10th New Jersey lost their regimental flag and quite possibly their National flag. Over 200 men of the 10th New Jersey was captured. The Confederate claimed 3 flags captured at this battle.

3rd Georgaia (led the attack)--1 Union flag captured.
48th Georgia--2 union flags captured.

This small battle is also known as the "Upton Races" for Upton's brigade ran very fast for their lives. Although Upton's 5th Maine did not have any casualites.

The 10th New Jersey "Both color bearers were shot and scooped up their regimental flag".

General Meade himself was chased down by the major of the 13th Virginia. Meade lost his "Spectacles" but his headquarters guards ended up capturing the major of the 13th Va.

The 2nd New Jersey was with the 10th New Jersey and maybe they lost a flag. I did'nt come across anything saying the 2nd New Jersey or Upton's brigade lost any flags.

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