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After searching for every single "1st Maine" I found a "1st Maine" in a 2nd Brigade, 4th Division. This was very temporary though from May 18th (Brigade arrived)-May 24th. The regiment was the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery. At the battle of Harris' Farm, Ewell attacked the rookies and inflicted 1,500 casualties on the Union. The 1st Maine Heavy Artillery in their very first battle (along with the rest of the division) lost 532 men or 1/3 of the total lost. This battle was on May 19th, 1864. On May 24th,1864 BG.Robert O.Tyler's rookie division (8,800) strong was broken up and the big artillery regiments spread out in Grant's army.

I just dont think the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery regiment lost their flag at this battle. The pattern fits but the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery went in the battle 1,800 strong and they lost 532 or between 1/3-1/4 loss. I have not found anything saying they lost their regimental flag at this battle. Although the lines were sometimes 75-100 yards apart there is a small possibility the flag was captured.

I read that someone actually did drawings on the Union flags that were returned by the War Department. I hope to find information on those drawings, might help out on the "1st Maine regiment".

I have been "thinking outside the box" as they say. I wonder if someone got the 31st Maine confused with the 1st Maine. The 31st Maine lost their regimental flag on July 30th, 1864 at the Crater. They stood right next to the 11th New Hampshire who lost their National flag.

Well, I shall contiue the search.

Have a good weekend everyone


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