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CSA flags returned by the War Department

Here is the listing of the Confederate flags returned by the War Department in 1905.

Flag: Lost. Captured By.
1) 5th Alabama--111th Pa (Chancellorsville)(May 3rd, 1863)

2) 6th Alabama--22nd Massachusetts-2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Corps. Nothing follows.

3) 11th Alabama---4th Pennsylvania Reserves (Willis Church) June 30th, 1862.

4) 11th Alabama--57th New York (Sharpsburg)

5) 13th Alabama---1st Delaware (Gettysburg)

6) 14th Alabama--? Nothing follows.

7) 16th Alabama--104th Ohio (Franklin)

8) 18th Alabama---13th Illinois (Missionary Ridge)

9) 48th Alabama?---Field's Div, Longstreet's Corps. Nothing follows.

10) 38th Alabama---2nd Ohio (Missionary Ridge)

11) 38th Alabama---27th Indiana (Resaca) May 15th, 1864.

12) 41st Alabama---111th New York (Petersburg) March 31st, 1865.

13) Clanton's Alabma brigade colors---2nd Indiana Cav--Captured near Montogomery, Alabama, April 12th, 1865.

14) 6th Arkansas----17th Indiana--Macon Ga.

15) 8/19th Arkansas---?? Nothing follows.

16) 6/7 Arkansas--10th Kentucky Inf (USA)--Jonesboro.

17) 30th Arkansas---Murfreesboro--Gen A.G. McCook.

18) 30th Arkansas---"Blue flag with white cross" Farmington, MS, Richmond Kentucky.

19) 1st Arkansas Artillery---14th Michigan--Jonesboro, Ga, September 1st, 1864.

20) 2nd Florida? Nothing follows.

21) 6th Florida---95th Ohio---Near Nashville (Brentwood Hills) December 16th, 1864.

22) 8th Florida---72nd New York---Gettysburg.

23) 8th Florida--2nd Ohio Cav--Sailor's Creek, April 6th, 1865.

24) 11th Florida---1st Conn Cav--Sailor's Creek, April 6th, 1865.

25) 18th Florida (8th Florida)---1st West Virginia Cav, Sailor's Creek, April 6th, 1865.

26) Flag of Apalachicola Guards? Nothing follows.

27) 2nd Georgia Battery---3rd Maryland---Nothing follows.

28) 1st Georgia (Ramsey)---9th Indiana--Cheat River, Va July 13th, 1861.

29) 7th Georgia? Nothing follows.

30) 12th Georgia----102nd New York--Chancellorsville. May 3rd, 1863.

31) 14th Georgia--Heth's Division, Nothing follows.

32) 15th Georgia---1st Pennsylvania Rifles--Gettysburg.

33) 16th Georgia--Fort Sanders, Nov 1863, 9th Corps.

34) 18th Georgia---6th Michigan Cav.

35) 19th Georgia----7th Pennsylvania Rifles---Fredericksburg Dec 13th, 1862. (Only CSA flag captured at Fredericksburg).

36) 21st Georgia---Gordon's Corps? Nothing follows.

37) 35th Georgia--Heth's Division, Nothing follows.

38) 44th Georgia---43rd New York--Spotsylvania--May 10th, 1864.

39) 45th Georgia--Heth's Division.

40) 48th Georgia---59th New York--Gettysburg.

41) 49th Georgia--Nothing follows.

42) 50th Georgia--67th Pennsylvania--Sailor's Creek, April 6th, 1865.

43) 60th Georgia---Gordon's Corps. Nothing follows.

44) 76 Ga (16th Georgia)---1st West Virginia Cav--Sailor's Creek.

45) Cobb's Legion--4th New Jersey "Stars and Bars" Crompton's Pass, Maryland.

46) Benjamin Inf, Ga "Strike for your altars and your fireside". Macon RR. August 20th, 1864. 3rd Cav Division, 1st and 2nd Brigade (Kilpatrick).

47) Georgia--"Stars and Bars"---Georgia coat of arms. Nothing follows.

48) 2nd Louisiana---99th Pennsylvania (Spotsylvnia)

49) 8th Louisiana---6th Maine--Rappahanock Station.

50) 12th Louisiana (No)---105th Illinois (Peach Tree Creek) (The 12th La claims they never lost a flag).

51) 13th?? Louisiana-----73rd New York--Spotsylvania
Either the 10-14-15th La lost this flag.

52) 24th Louisiana----11th Missouri (USA) Nashville, Brentwood Hills. December 1864.

53) Washington Artillery---2nd West Va Cav (USA)--Appomattox, April 8th, 1865.

54) 6th Kentucky Infantry----10th Michigan Inf---Jonesboro, Ga.

55) 1st Mississippi Inf---136th New York---Peach Tree Creek

56) 2nd Mississippi Inf--6th Wisconsin---Gettysburg.

57) CSA Flag?---148th New York (18th MS?)--Hatcher's Run.

58) 11th Mississippi?---4th Iowa Cav---Selma, AL April 2nd, 1865.

59) 12th Mississippi Cav--Same as "11th Mississippi" above.

60) 17th Mississippi--Col Holder? Nothing follows.

61) 19th Mississippi--Machone's Division.

62) 33rd Mississippi----26th Wisconsin---Peach Tree Creek

63) 44th Mississippi---12th Iowa--Nashville, Brentwood Hills.

64) 48th Mississippi--12th New Jersy--Wilderness.

65) CSA "Wigfall Rifles"----9th Ohio--Mill Springs

66) CSA "Tellabusha Rifles"----2nd Minnesota (15th Mississippi)

67) 10th Missouri Battery (CSA)----Upton's Div, Winslow's Brigade, 4th Iowa Cav, Columbus, Georgia, April 16th, 1865.

68) 1st North Carolina---148th Pennsylvania--Spotsylvania May 12th, 1864.

69) 6th North Carolina----2nd West Va Cav-----Sailor's Creek.

70) 7th North Carolina---1st Delaware---Gettysburg.

71) 12th North Carolina---1st Vermont Cav---Cedar Creek.

72) 13th North Carolina--Wilcox's Div? Nothing follows.

73) 13th North Carolina---141st Pennsylvania---Wilderness.

74) 18th NC------1st US Cav--July 28th, 1864.

75) 16th NC-------14th Conn---Gettysburg.

76) 18th NC------40th New Jersey---Petersburg, April 2nd, 1865.

77) 22nd NC-----42nd New York. "Left off at Fredericksburg on flag".

78) 23rd NC----Gettysburg.

79) 24th NC----11th PA--Weldon RR, Aug 21st, 1864.

80) 26th NC----7th Michigan---Hatcher's Run--Oct 27th, 1864.

81) 28th NC----63rd PA--Spotsylvania.

82) 28th NC----9th New York Cav---Malvern Hill, July 28th, 1864.

83) 28th NC-----Wilcox's Div? Nothing follows.

84) 30th NC-----Wilderness.

85) 30th NC------? Nothing follows.

86) CSA Flag-----5th Michigan--Wilderness.

87) 34th NC------8th Ohio--Gettysburg.

88) 34th NC-----"Stars and Bars"--Wilcox's Div.

89) 39th NC?-----Wilcox's Div.

90) 39th NC------16th Army Corps, 3rd Div, April 9th, 1865 (Spanish Fort).

91) 46th NC------1st New Jersey Inf--Petersburg, Va, April 3rd, 1865.

92) 47th NC-----19th Mass--Hatcher's Run, Oct 27th, 1864.

93) 47th NC------148th PA, Sutherland, Station, April 2nd 1865.

94) 52nd NC------14th Conn, Gettysburg.

95) HQ Flag--BG. Barranger North Carolina Brigade Cav flag. Captured by William H. Woodall, HQ scout Gen. Sheridan, Lynchburg, Va.

96) 2nd Va-------37th Mass----Winchester, Va, Sep 19th, 1864.

97) 3rd Va-------Gettysburg.

98) 4th Va-------Spotsylvania, May 12th, 1864.

99) 5th Va Cav----1st Mass Cav--Aldie, Va, June 17th, 1863.

100) 6th Va-------45th Pa---Petersburg--July 30th, 1864.

101) 7th Va--------82nd New York--Gettysburg.

102) 8th Va ------Nothing follows.

103) 9th Va--------71st Pa--Gettysburg.

104) 9th Va-------2nd New York Cav---Sailor's Creek.

105) 10th Va -----68th Pa---Chancellorsville.

106) 12th Va? (Cav?)-----"Stars and Bars", Beverly Ford, June 1863, Kilpatrick troops Cav.

107) 12th Va-------2nd New York Cav---Sailor's Creek.

108) 14th Va Cav-----1st West Va Cav (USA)---Nineveh, Va, Nov 12th, 1864.

109) 18th Va?-----Nothing follows.

110) 25th Va?-----Nothing follows.

111) CSA Va?------Nothing follows.

112) 25th Va Battalion----2nd New York Cav---Sailor's Creek.

113) 26th Va Inf------3rd Indiana Cav--Sailor's Creek.

114) 27th Va Inf------3rd Indiana Cav--Sailor's Creek.

115) 30th Va Inf------191st Pa, 5th Army Corps, 2nd Div, 3rd Brigade.

116) 32nd Va Battn Cav-------2nd US Cav, Woodstock, Oct 9th, 1864.

117) 36th Va Inf------6th New York Cav---Winchester, Va, Sep 19th, 1864.

118) 38th Va Inf-----2nd Ohio Cav---Sailor's Creek.

119) 38th Va Inf-----8th Ohio----Gettysburg.

120) 40th Va Inf------1st New York Cav---Sailor's Creek.

121) 40th Va Inf------1st Michigan Cav--Falling Water, July 14th, 1863.

122) 41st Va Inf?-----Mahone's Div.

123) 42nd Va Inf------93rd New York, Spotsylvania.

124) 44th Va Inf------64th New York, Spotsylvania.

125) 47th Va Inf------50th Pa---9th Corps.

126) 48th Va Inf------24th Michigan, Wilderness.

127) 50th Va Inf------7th Indiana, Wilderness.

128) 55th Va Inf------20th Indiana, Wilderness.

129) 56th Va Inf?-----Nothing follows.

130) 56th Va Inf------4th Excelsior regiment (New York), Spotsylvania. (Pickett's division was not in this battle)

131) 67th Va Inf??----19th Mass.

132) Va State Flag-----7th New York Artillery, June 3rd, 1864.

133) CSA Flag---------"Stars and Bars", Flatrock Rifles, Lunenburg County, Va.

134) Va State Flag---------14th Ohio, Phillip, Va. "Presented by the ladies of Bath, Va" Motto "God Protect The Right".

135) Va State Colors?-----Nothing follows.

136) Va Cav Standard------1st US Cav, Williamsburg, "A.G.O.1862".

137) Va State Colors------2nd New York Cav, Sailor's Creek.

138) Va Battleflag State Colors-----1st Pa Cav, Farms Cross Roads, April 5th, 1865.

139) CSA Flag------------"Our Cause Is Just, Our Rights We Will Maintain".

140) Va State Flag-------9th New York Cav, Winchester, Va, Sep 19th, 1864.

141) Va State Flag?------Nothing follows.

142) Garrison Flag--Citadel of Charleston Sc---Captured Feb 18th, 1865. Presented to War Department, BG. A. Schimmelfenning.

143) Garrison Flag---Fort Moulrie, Charleston Harbor, Captured on Feb 18th, 1865. Presented to the War Department by BG. Shimmelfenning.

Total: 142 Flags.

That is all that is listed. There are alot more but they did not list the unidentified.

Have a great July 4th!


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