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More CSA Flags, War Department

Here are some more Confederate flags listed returned by the War Department in 1905.

1) NC State Colors-------1st Vermont Cav--Cedar Creek, Oct 19th, 1864.

2) CSA Flag SC regiment-------82nd Pa--Malvern Hill, July 1st, 1862.

3) SC Regiment-----------Sharpsburg, 39th New York?? (Surrendered at Harper's Ferry) 1st brigade, 3rd div, 9th Corps, Pvt. Thomas hare Co. D. (Sc brigade in AP.Hill's Div)

4) 11th SC--------------"Port Royal, Cedar Creek, Swift Creek, Petersburg, Weldon RR, June 24th, 1864.

5) 16th SC---------157th PA, Five Forks, April 1st, 1865.

6) 27th SC-----------18th Mass battalion (old 18th Mass), Weldon RR, Aug 21st, 1864.

7) 8th SC-------Sheridan's forces, Sep 13th, 1864.

8) State flag SC?-------Nothing follows.

9) Sumpter Flying Artillery------1st West Va Cav (USA), Appomattox, Va, April 8th, 1865.

10) Sumpter Flying Artillery-----1st New York Cav, Sailor's Creek.

11) 1st Tennessee-------14th Conn--Gettysburg.

12) 1st Tenn Bttn-------13th New York, June 27th, 1862 at Chickahominy, Va?

13) 7th Tenn------------61st Pa, Petersburg, Va, April 2nd, 1865.

14) 44th Tenn-----------6th Michigan Cav, Sailor's Creek.

15) Texas Brigade---------9th Pa Reserves, Sharpsburg.

16) 14th Tenn------------14th Conn, Gettysburg.

17) 1st Texas Cav??-------8th New York Cav--Appomattox.

18) 3rd Texas Cav---------Kilpatrick, Macon RR, Aug 20th, 1864.

19) CSA Flag--------------9th Pa Reserves, Sharpsburg.

20) 1st Va Inf------------82nd New York, Gettysburg.

21) 3rd Va Inf------------4th New York Cav, Port Royal, Va, Aug 16th, 1864.

Total: 21

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