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Illinois Union Flags Captured

This is a listing of Illinois flags I have found captured and Illinois regiments that captured rebel flags.

8th Illinois------Fort Blakely, AL, captured a flag.

9th Illinois-------Fort Donaldson captured Company "D", 18th Tennessee "St.John Guards". "Stars and Bars" type flag.

12th Illinois------Captured a stand of flags at Cornith. "Drove enemy from the works".

13th Illinois-------Both of their flags were captured at Chickasaw Bayou. Captured the 18th Alabama's flag at Missionary Ridge.

16th Illinois--------Captured a Confederate battle flag, June 1861 near Monroe Station on the Hannibal and St.Joeseph RR.

20th Illinois---------During the Atlanta campaign this regiment went from 160 men to 16 men. I leave this as a question mark if they ever did lose a flag during the Atlanta campaign.

21st Illinois---------Captured the 8th Arkansas flag at Liberty Gap, Tenn. At Murfreesboro they lost 283 men the most of all Union regiments at that battle. Curious if they did lose a flag at Murfreesboro.

22nd Illinois----------At Murfreesboro this regiment had 312 men and lost 199. Their National flag left off at Murfreesboro, which makes me wonder if they lost their flag there.

23rd Illinois----------Tore up their flag so as not to be captured on Sep 20th, 1861. They were at Lexington, Missouri. Captured a CSA flag at Fisher's Hill, Sep 22nd, 1864. Private John Creed, company C, captured the rebel flag.

25th Illinois------------At Chickamauga this regiment had 337 men and lost 205. The colonel was killed holding the colors and left behind. Did they lose their flag?

27th Illinois------------Lost flag at Kenesaw Mountain, 29th Tennessee captured it. "Presented by Brig.Gen. N.B.Buford to the 27th Reg't Ill Vol. Infry".

28th Illinois------------Lost regimental flag at Jackson, Mississippi on 12 July, 1863. At the Hatchie River, near Metamora, Tennessee, they captured a battery of 6 guns, cassions and a flag.

29th Illinois------------8 companies were captured at Holly Springs during Van Dorn's raid. The other 2 companies were detached to Jackson, Tennesse. Every man at Holly Springs surrendered. The question is what flags did they have with them at Holly Springs.

30th Illinois-----------During the Atlanta campaign on July 22nd they lost their flag to the 27th Tennessee, the 30th Illinois lost both of their flags. Lt.Gen Hardee had one of flags when he died, his daughter's found it.

34th Illinois-----------Lost their National at Murfreesboro, 2nd Arkansas captured that flag. Lost regimental flag to 10th Texas Cav (dismounted) (Col Locke).

38th Illinois-----------At Liberty Gap, captured the 2nd Arkansas flag.

39th Illinois-----------Captured the 10th Alabama's flag at Deep Run on 16 Aug, 1864. "Henry. M. Hardenbergh" captured the flag.

41st Illinois-----------Lost their regimental flag at "Pearl River" aka Jackson, Mississippi on 12 July, 1863. National flag was saved.

42nd Illinois-----------Captured at least 3 flags at Franklin.

51st Illinois-----------At Chickamauga they captured the 24th Alabama's flag. The 51st Illinois lost 128 men out of 209, the highest loss at Chickamauga for the Union.

53rd Illinois-----------Colors captured at Jackson, Mississippi on 12 July, 1863.

55th Illinois-----------Lost colors during the Atlanta campaign, there is a pic of their National flag.

61st Illinois-----------National flag with "Co.G" captured.It may have been captured near Murfreesboro, Tennessee Dec 15th, 1864.

62nd Illinois-----------Lost regimental flag during the war.

64th Illinois-----------Found a flag company "H" 10th Mississippi Cav "McCullough Avengers".

65th Illinois------------Fort Donaldson captured 18th Tennessee flag.

79th Illinois------------Lost flag at Chickamauga to 18th Texas Cav (Dismounted). They lost their National and a "Star Flag".

80th Illinois------------Surrounded by Gen Forrest at Cedar Bluff's, Alabama on May 3rd, lost both flags.

81st Illinois------------Captured a flag at Brice's Crossroads.

85th Illinois------------Lost regimental flag at Peach Tree Creek. "While crossing the river". On July 30th, 1864.

88th Illinois-----------At Nashville captured 5 flags. At Frankling captured the 1st-4th Missouri (CSA)flag.

93rd Illinois-----------Lost flags at "Tunnel Hill", Missionary Ridge.

97th Illinois-----------Fort Blakely, Alabama captured a flag, HQ flag of MG.French Division. Also a Missouri-brigade flag, BG.Cockrell.?

99th Illinois------------Lost flag at Vicksburg.

101st Illinois-----------Lost flag at Holly Springs, Van Dorn's raid. Field officers and companies B,C, E, F and I were captured. The rest were not captured and stationed else where. Flag capture?

104th Illinois----------Lost both flags at Hartsville, Tennesse on Dec 7th, 1862. The 9th Kentucky captured their regimental flag and the 2nd Kentucky captured their national flag.

105th Illinois----------Captured "12th La" flag at Peach Tree Creek. This flag most likely is from the 57th Alabama.

107th Illinois----------Captured 2 flags at Franklin, they lost their flag, but got it back.

111th Illinois----------Lost regimental flag on July 22nd, 1864 during the Atlanta campaign. Lost 80 men Pow's on July 22nd.

119th Illinois----------Captured the 2nd Alabama flag at Fort Blakely, Alabama.

122nd Illinois----------Captured a rebel flag at Fort Blakely, Alabama, 9 April, 1865.

122nd Illinois----------Captured a rebel flag at Nashville, 16 Dec, 1864.

130th Illinois----------Lost flag and color bearer at Mansfield, Louisiana.

That is what I have so far on Illinois regiments that either captured a flag or their flag was captured.

My sources:

1) Medal of Honor Illinois soliders
2) Illinois Flag website
3) Notes, Magazines, Internet etc.
4) Returned Battleflags, War Department.

I am very sure I am still missing alot of flags. Feel free to add on or if you know of Illinois flags that were captured during the war.

Thank You,


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